Dragons & Donuts

This has been a tough week.
Mood has been up and down.
Feeling like my mojo is missing.
Feeling off.
This morning I was up at 6.
Cleaning began just after 10.
Lasted until 3:50 which is when I finally was finished.
I cleaned the oven.
Also I am tired of the smoke detector screeching every time I cooked.
Sprayed the oven.
Now to the living room.
This is going to be the 4th or 5th time in about as many weeks that I have shifted things around.
Nothing felt right.
I had been thinking though about what I wanted to do.
I have lived in this apartment since May 2016.
Do not plan on moving any time soon unless I win the lottery.
This fall I am not sure what the turning point was but I have started to make it my own.
Had the blinds removed and curtains hung.
I had my wall of motivation.
I rearranged my pictures.
As much as I liked having my t.v. up a bit the table I had it on was rickety.
Thomas would jump between legs to get away from Loki as they played.
I was worried that the t.v.  was going to be pushed over or the table leg would give out.
No t.v.
I had my book case at the bottom of the stairs.
I measured the bookcase.
I measured the t.v.
It would work.
As I was rearranging the living room I decided to wash the walls.
It started off with one wall.
I was going to take it slow.
One wall a day.
One thing lead to another.
All the walls were washed today.
I even washed the base boards.
The Base Boards People!
Look at me adulting..
In the same day!
Re-purposed the bookcase as a t.v. stand.
With my books displayed.
With my pictures displayed.
Realizing as I type that I am happy.
That there is a sense of rightness.
Must be working as I had this post and a poem warring it out in my head.
Decided to write this one first.
Today is day 71 of being sober.
Had a bit of a struggle this week especially yesterday but I did not cave.
I really did not want to drink.
It was to fill time that is all.
Having not drank lead to the wicked burst of energy as opposed to laying on the couch recovering from the night before.
I am proud of me.
71 days.
Feeling like I have my mojo back.
This is your Sunday evening chuckle:
Was in express checkout the other day.
Gentleman comes through with donuts and a few other items.
Bagging away chatting with my customer when I get to the donuts.
I lean over to ask him if he wanted them in the bag.
What came out:
Would you like a separate bag for your dragons?
I could say nothing after that.
Have a wonderful Sunday sweetlings.
©Sept. 27/20
Photo is my own.
Picture found on Pinterest

Second Benefit

Over the weekend I wrote a post about myself and addiction. Specifically alcohol. (Addiction & Me).
On Sunday I wrote about my first side benefit of having quit drinking.
It had been 8 days.
Today I realized my second benefit.
My energy level is out of this world.
It has been 11 days.
I was up at 4:30.
Bathroom break.
Snagged Loki and crawled back into bed. Had another 45 minutes before alarm was due to go off.
Alas at 4:45 I hear this mournful cry. The noise Thomas makes when he is upset. Then a small hiss. Thought it was outside to be honest until the mournful cry shot up a decibel and I realized it was in the apartment.
Up I got.
Was not really tired any more and on went the coffee.
At 7:15 the ex picked up Tember.
I whipped over to work to grab cat litter.
And a few other items.
Back home I went.
It was as I was wiping mirror in the bathroom that I fully realized how much energy I had. Here I was apartment nearly finished being cleaned and laundry drying (bed already made when I got up at 4:45) before 9:30 a.m. Finished mopping floor at 9:34-dryer clicked off at 9:35 and I am done.
Presently I am enjoying more coffee.
The cleanliness of the apartment.
Listening to music.
Loki curled up next to me.
The day is mine.
The sun is shining.
Books are loaded.
And how could life get better?
©July 29/20
Picture is my own
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