Husbands Can’t Shop

I nearly couldn’t. I bit my tongue as hard as I could because the customer would have gone screaming to my boss. But seriously?????

I get that produce is expensive. Guess what? I buy the same produce and groceries everyone else does. And I carefully look at the signs for pricing. Granted I also work in a grocery store but it should not make a difference. Please read the label/sign. It is not difficult.

The phone was ringing and I answered it. Needless to say I wished I hadn’t.

Me: Thank you for calling…..this is Jay-lyn how may I help you?

C: I sent my husband in for produce and he came home with $29 in cherries and $15 in grapes is that right?

Me: Yes ma’am. Cherries right now are $17.41/kg. And grapes are $12.10/kg.

C: Those prices are ridiculous. They were half that price at Wal-mart last week.

Me: Well we are not the ones who set the price.

C: Well I am going to return this fruit. We live out of town.

Me (in my head): Are you fucking kidding me? It’s our fault that your husband can’t read? How is this our fault? (What I actually said out loud): Could you hold please?

I went into the boss’ office and explained the situation to him. Truth is we would not be able to resell the product, it would have to be thrown out. And as well they live out of town. Decision made was that we would refund the customer half the price. This time only.

Interestingly after I told the customer this she tried very hard to get me off the phone. However I needed to get her name and number. The amount of weight and the total dollar value.

Me: Also please be aware that while our signs are in lbs they ring through at kg’s. If you could let your husband know…..

C: I have already talked to him. He knows.

When I got off the phone there was no one there to tell. And the boss would not take kindly to what I was saying in my head. What I wanted to say.

Me: Next time your husband may want to read the signs a little more carefully. Also to maybe question why two items cost $49 something. I don’t know but his stupidity should not be our fault.

Instead I kept that to myself and wrote it here instead.

But seriously, who is so entitled that they think they should be reimbursed because of a mistake made by her husband?

We had the same issue yesterday. Woman sent in her husband and he came home with the wrong cottage cheese. She came back yelling and screaming that she had sent the container and how stupid could he be. I heard and I was the one who helped her husband and went over to talk to her.

She was having none of that. She had sent the container in with him and the stupid boy on the floor sent him home with the wrong cottage cheese. I explained that he had not had an empty container with him. That was because he left it on the shelf!

Guess what? Those four things of cottage cheese that were purchased by mistake, all in the garbage. We are unable to resell due to food safety regulations.

No one seems to care. It isn’t their money going into the garbage.

Aug. 22/22

Living Hell Part Deux

I believe some may recall last week I wrote a post regarding a co-worker who gave their two weeks and said the last year was a living hell. Because she had to wear a mask.

Further to this face masks have again been made mandatory for indoor public spaces due to the Delta variant and sudden increase in infection rates. As of Saturday Aug. 28th at 12:01 a.m.

Now I mean we got one whole week without having to wear our masks inside. It was nice but I also have to ability to remain six feet from people. An aisle is too crowded? I go to another one and come back when it is emptier.

Now that is me. Y’all may recall I also discussed those who think being in kissing range is now ok and I have learned how to keep my cart between them and myself.

Friday when the new restrictions came down I messaged K to let her know what was going on. We talked back and forth a bit and I told her to not be surprised if this person did not work her two weeks.

K thought maybe I was overreacting. No one would really do that after working for a company for 7 years would they?

Saturday K messaged me right livid. And I do not blame her. This individual went into work Friday night and informed them she would not work out her two weeks because she would have to be masked. And during these two weeks she had approx 20 hours or so each week that now needs covering.

Entitled. That is what this is pure and simple. And a lack of respect for the people around you.

©Aug. 30/21

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