Word of the Day Challenge #117-Untitled Poem

Gentle beep
breathing for him
in the corner
children wait
by bedside
wife sits
rosary sliding
Hail Mary’s
Our Father’s 
not with real want
all watching
how nice 
finally to be free
no longer forced
puppet dance
if only
surreptitious glance
too many eyes
virtue long learned
waiting no longer 
death sentence commuted
prison virtual
each tortured breath.
Bells toll
flags lowered on mast
death has come
no pardons here
taking one 
releasing another
air smells sweeter
steps seem lighter
walk away
no longer bound
remain veiled
let no one see
sheer delight
at finally being free.
fine figure cut
rocked the display
one small question though:
feather & brush
what symbolism
do they portray?
Subtle jab
slight mockery
no one will guess
no one will know
no one will understand the switch.
©Oct. 5/20
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Word of the Day Challenge Poem #31

***Please note this is not indicative of how I am feeling now.***
Have you ever……
tried to run from the voice in your head
the melancholy beating in time with your heart
the cesspool of venom curdling in your stomach
flowing through your veins
replacing blood as your sustenance?
Taken pills
lifted the bottle
tried to numb the inside
facade of smiles shown to the world…..
to those who say they care…..
yet cannot see the sorrow
the pain
the anger
the sadness
permeating you.
Shroud of grey
all you want to do
is scream
is cry
is sever the life line
slash open the heart
excise the blackness
eating away at your soul.
Run as fast as you can
never look back
head straight for the exit
the one in the back……
escape is imminent
you can see the path
try to keep the hoards your back
for they will
with all their power
stop your release
sending you back
consigning you to the black mire
consigning you to sit once more
in the darkness.
©May 9/19
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