Me Myself & I

fairy tales
not real
prince charming
dance across screens
leap across dreams
seems to land in everyone else’s lap
while I
watch from sidelines
watch behind fences
stand behind drawbridge
drawn tall
watching world in love
not seeing
not wanting
not needing
that sickening stuff.
can do it all
need no one to hold my hand
beheld to none
allowed to live my life
as I wish it to run.
No one sees me late at night
reflected in deep moonlight
where it all went wrong…..
how is no mystery
men who abused
who broke
sense of self
sense of worth
whilst laughing with delight
at tortures played 
upon tender flesh.
Stand tall I will.
Stand alone I shall.
For time
has proven 
again and again
that I am the only one
I can believe in.
©Nov. 21/20
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Do Not/Am Not

Hey Diddle Diddle
The Cat had a Fiddle
And The Cow Jumped over the mooooooooon……….
Fairy tales
nursery rhymes
all taught to little girls
little boys
as the epitome of life.
All girls are damsels.
All guys knights in shining armour
with a few villains thrown in
one must keep the story interesting.
I do not want fairy tales.
I do not want a knight in shining armour.
I do not want to be a princess.
delicate little flower
taught men are superior.
An untruth made real
fed to feed the egos of sensitives
who need to feel powerful
at the expense of others.
This curse
uttered not with care
has become a reality
falling down through decades
trailing through the centuries
one we struggle to counteract to this day.
I am not a Princess Fair.
I am a Dragon Warrior.
I will burn you with my fire.
I will taste your tears.
I will no longer bow.
Rise up
stand tall
for together we can do so much more.
©July 1/19
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