Rabbit’s Hole

I fell down a rabbit’s hole
to a land
of mimes
fancy mirrors
and plenty of regrets.
wasted on the sidelines
watching deranged
clowns on unicycles
for appreciation
wrestled with bears.
Immature girls
walking on broken glass
along a tight rope.
I slowed to watch
like an accident
mine eyes
could not leave the sight.
cloying stench penetrating
I backed away
turning to run.
Caricature of the Devil
Lucifer himself
pitchfork in hand
ready to prod me back
stood ‘afore me.
I looked at him
with a wink
an impudent smile
walked forward
the illusion disappeared.
Before me
a land racked
Why am I here?
What am I to do?
And where is the rabbit hole
home again?
January 7/19

Good bye My Love

I have fallen

not at your feet

but within myself

and there is no going back.


you are entwined with my past

the hurt

the pain that I feel.

I wish that it had not happened this way

I wish that I could still be yours

yet I know

there is no way

that I can submit to you again.

My way of saying good-bye

it was not right

I should have explained further

I should have explained it at all

there is no way of knowing

what monsters lay in my bed.

Memories that have been hidden

you brought to the forefront

the anguish

the pain

the darkness that enveloped

I curled within myself.

Screaming in my head.

I am sorry my love

I wish it could  be different

we must walk away

while love is still everlasting.

All copy rights reserved.

Jay-lyn Doerksen

July 26/17


Tears escape
traveling over pale cheeks
lost within this
yet unable to discern why?
Days have been good.
Very very good.
When I feel like this,
unable to exercise
I begin to fear.
Fear that after all my hard work
I am falling
back to the beginnng of my time.
That this lovely dream
that I have built
is exactly that,
a dream that I will awaken from.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
March 15/17