Ghosted Love

I never got to meet you.
You never got to hold me.
I was a fool
falling for you.
You were so confused.
how could I compete?
Your voice
I heard
I felt to my core
dreaming of days to come
when I would be yours.
Feel your lips.
Feel your hands.
Feel you.
I knew with certainty
that this would fail
whatever it is that we had
and again 
proven right
realizing I have no recourse
no tears can I shed
in remorse.
It is not a wonder
family for you
always shall come first
recognize that I can.
What I fell for 
a fantasy
a dream
never to be achieved
I must accept.
I fell in love with a dream.
I mourn a ghost
for I knew you not.
©Oct. 4/21
Picture is my own

False Vaticinate

Deep in the forest
cross lawns
bred green
house of white
broad expanse
at your back
tiptoe through the roses
shadowed glance
no one is following
no one really cares
off you go
trout in hand
to feed the wild cat.
She sits
fingers tapping the orange ball
slap to the side
damn thing
appears not to be working
better come up with something
for here comes the giant
on all in the way
petulant child
look over here
at the shiny ball.
Seat yourself before her
eyes upon the prize
pay the piper
to take out the rats
never guessing
you set your own trap.
She smiles
eyes glazed by smoke
hiding globe
from beady eyes
ready to pander
ready to win.
all foretold in your future
murderous eyes
the list begins.
Paid in silver
disappeared in the night
when truth outs
she is revealed to be
failure is yours
there is no doubt
living in a septic dream world.
©Nov. 14/20
Picture via Pinterest
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