Even Slow I am Fast

Tuesday morning was a bit of an up and down for me. I would feel okay for a bit and then start to feel like shit. I had orders though so to work I had to go even though what I wanted to do was crawl right back into bed.

I was pulling my orders, feeling incredibly sorry for myself for having to be at work. I wanted to be back in bed, beneath the warm blankies, getting better. But alas that is not the way of the world. Though it should be. We should be more persistent about people staying home from work when they are ill.

Sure everyone is told to stay away but the reality is most are unable to. I am lucky in that I have sick days. What about those poor people who do not? Like PT workers. They have to come to work or lose their day’s pay.

I was in the bakery grabbing the bread for an order when the BB (big boss for those who have forgotten or first time reading) saw me. He called out asking how I was feeling and I grunted at him. Yes, you read that right. I grunted because I was still in self-pity mode.

I did feel bad about that so after I grabbed an add on to one of my orders I sought him out.

Me: I am sorry BB. I really should not have grunted at you.

He kinda chuckles.

Me: I am feeling better. I did test twice and both times were negative. I am really struggling though with the fact that my energy levels are only at 50%.

BB: But Jay, your 50% is most people’s 100% so you are still doing good.

Me: Thank you.

I walked away beaming. Well smiling. And I was so proud of that little compliment because it shows that he does know what I do. And how hard I work. Some days may not be as hard as others, but I always get my work completed.

Fastest Facer

I was on cash Wednesday due to the fact that mom was coming home. First time in 20 years she is home for Christmas. And with an eta of 6:18 p.m. I could not work my usual 8:30-5. Instead it was 7-3:30.

The days have not been as busy as it was on Monday and pretty much I was ridding my thumbs thinking to myself where are all the people? I expected it to be busier. I mean only 3 days til Christmas Eve. Suddenly I get paged to call our manager.

So I did. He wanted to know if it was busy. That the reason I was in checkout 2 was because I could do everything. 不不不不不

And then he said and this put a smile on my face: I need my fastest face.

Me. I am the fastest facer. I do it enough I should be. So I faced. Aisles 9 & 8, 6-2. Did not get to aisle 1. And one of the girls faced aisle 7 so I could skip it.

Also I received an email Tuesday from one of my customers thanking me for my customer service and cheerful nature throughout the year. Made me smile.

Dec. 23/22

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