Droit du seignur

Image caught
reflected glass
hair disarray
make up smeared
clown like
abraided knees
glass ground
Knowledge then
no one would care
not a whit
about the rape
of a poor college kid.
company loved
anguish drowned
agony heroined
lank hair
gray skin
layers of addiction.
How many?
Out there
stories of violation
misogyny reigns
lead by bloated old white men
who still have
©June 6/20
Picture via Pinterest

As Simple as That

Gather round my pretties 
for a tale I have to tell:
A time there was once
when murder most foul
occurred not daily 
but at times hourly
in this kingdom 
of warfare and feuds 
the long forgotten yesteryear.
Forgotten yesteryear?
More like a reality to this day.
Feuds are larger now
scaled into wars
taking over not towns
but countries
while demigods are fashioned
by wealth
by how often their name is in print
by the amount of followers on social media
not by the quality of their honor.
Time has begun to unravel
threads are being cut
as fiefdoms crop up
all people who stand to them
abusing their rights
their children
their wives
to make them bend to knee.
Out of the darkness
the renegade will ride
a steed of iron and ice
seeking out the ones claiming glory
and making them go away.
Aug. 23/18
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash