I Got Flowers

On Saturday I was working in an aisle when a regular customer and her husband walked up to me. They asked me where something was and then wanted to know where if I was going to be around. I said that I was always around only to be told no that was not it, where was I going to be in 10 minutes or so. I indicated that if not in aisle 3 then I should be in 4.

I was working away when I can see them heading back towards me.

I will admit that I was a little worried. Where was this going? Had I upset her in some way? Was I going to be called into BB’s office (Big Boss) and be taken to task?

I was fairly confident that I had not insulted or upset her in any way. I am always friendly. What was going on.

Customer: I just want to tell you that I always enjoy coming in here to do my grocery shop. You are always so friendly and make the store so positive. I wanted to say thank you and I bought you some flowers.

Me (stupified-smiling): Are you sure? Thank you.

Customer: Yes. Thank you so much.

Me: No thank you. You have just made my whole day.

I took my flowers upstairs beaming away.

Stopped to tell BB that a customer had bought me flowers and why. Turns out another customer had been in on Friday looking for me. He had actually stopped the BB to ask where I was and proceeded to tell him how we had been looking for a product for him but I was unable to find it. He had finished his shop and was out in parking lot when I tracked him down to tell him that I had found the item that he had been looking for.

And while BB was pretty confident that it was me he asked the customer what the person had been doing when stopped to help. The customer told him ‘she goes around and shops for other people’ which of course is not only me but only me is the one who would keep looking and then run out to track one down in the parking lot because I found the item.

I smiled pleased as punch.

As I walked away BB called after me ‘You really do do an excellent job.’

Just Because

Just Because…..

I am wonderful.

I am a kickass mom.

I am an amazing friend.

I am a pretty decent daughter.

I am a great writer. It has taken me a long time to be able to say that.

I am pretty.

I am a wonderful person and because I felt like it I treated myself to flowers.

June 23/22

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