It Pays

Sitting on the couch enjoying my cup of coffee vacillating between going to pick up some groceries. And cat food. Or could I stretch the can we had.

Around 9:30 I finally decided to go. In part because T goes back to school Thursday and I had nothing for his lunch. Sandwich meat. Bread. Some cat litter. My list was not long. I was going to do another shop on payday.

Got to work and I wandered the produce section. Decided on lettuce, a Ceasars salad kit and grapes for T. Meat had a nice special on strip loin steaks so I bought a family pack of 3. Guess what supper was.

I ran into one of my co-workers and we were chatting when she mentioned 10% Tuesday. Customer Appreciation Day. So lost was I that I asked if it was Tuesday 🤣🤣🤣🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ She quickly set me on the right path. It was Wednesday but we can still shop and get our 10%. Which meant that I could get a little more. Given I also would be able to combine my 10% employee discount.

Saved $83 all said and done. 36% of my bill. Plus earned enough points that I will have $20 to use next time off groceries if I want.

Went to get the cat food. They did not have a case. They did not have large cans of their food. I had to resort to purchasing 4 small cans which will last me one day for the same amount as I would pay for 3 large cans that would feed them 2.5-3 days. Thomas while playing more is eating less go figure.

I may have grumbled. Just a bit. I should have sucked it up and said nothing but it is an inconvenience. Yes big girl pouting alert. ☹️☹️☹️🤣🤣🤣🤣

When I arrived home I made T rise and assist me. After he was done I sent him off and gave him until 12 to watch YouTube. Then homework. And lunch.

I bought cinnamon buns for Thursday morning breakfast forgetting T had classes at 8. And I promised bacon. Have to say that is one aspect of being at home all the time I like, is making T a good breakfast before school.

What did you do?????

Tuesday evening T was greatly surprised to find me still up and in the living room.
I had been waiting for him to get home so we could have a quick chat about his day.
He came through the door with his usual cheery ‘Hello’ and bounded down the stairs.
Dropped his school bag on the floor, his jacket soon followed.
And then began his nightly routine.
First he opens the cupboard with the dried goods.
Next he opens the cupboard with the granola bars and cookies.
But those are for school.
Next stop the fridge.
Where he stands holding the door open, half hunched over like an ogre staring in at the emptiness.
And every night I say the same thing to him: T you know what is in there. Please don’t stand there with the door open.
And he says every night: But mom I’m hungry.
Last night he wanted to know what was wrong with me.
I was not making dinner and having leftovers for him.
Tried to explain that it is hard to cook for just myself and so I sometimes have noodles or cereal for supper.
With disdain dripping in his voice he stated: I can see that.
However I am jumping ahead here.
Let us back up to Tuesday evening.
T is hanging on the door of the fridge and I had asked something about his lunch.
He looks over the side of the door and freezes me with his stare.
T: Mom what did you do to my muffin? Why did you take the top off?
Me: What do you mean? It would not fit in the container and I had no other bags to put them in. That is why the cookies were in there too.
T: The soggy cookies.
Me: How’d they get soggy?
T: I don’t know but you traumatized my class.
Me (raised eyebrow): Say what?
T: First everyone wanted to know why I was just eating cinnamon raisin bread for lunch.
Me: What? They have never had to use a bread bag or plastic bag for their lunches?
T: Mom their parents are all lawyers or doctors.
Me (laughing): So they cannot use bread bags for something else?
T: And then I took the lid off the container and pull out….the muffin top!! And now everyone wants to know why my mom would do that? Why would you kill the muffin.
Me (laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes)
T: It was so weird mom. Eating just the top separate from the bottom.
I was dying I was laughing so hard.
And now I am no longer the cool mom I am that weird mom.
©Dec. 2/21
Picture via Pinterest
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