I weep…..

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I weep….
sitting beneath the spreading limbs
of the oak tree
where first we made love.
I weep….
rememberances of our time together
spearing the air before me
as you leave my life.
I weep….
not with regret
not with pain
not with hate
but with sorrow for you.
I weep….
knowing that you shall never understand
the truth that I offered to you
the life that you could have had
if only you would reach.
I weep….
with sadness
for alone you shall be
never knowing
what love offered
with my own wants and needs.
I weep….
having to whisper goodbye
because no longer
am I able to hold you near.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen


I know it is so hard to hear

that I am doing just fine

without you in my life.

That no longer do tears fly

as I sort through these memories

that you always scorned.

I know that this fact

is going to scorch your ego

as you see me reaching high

never again to be dreamless.

I found the curving pathway,

the spiral staircase 

I need to climb

so I can again find joy.

No more will I be enslaved,

powerless beneath your gaze.

I shall fly high 

on the currents above

dipping and soaring with glee

nevermore to be chained at your feet.

©Jay-lyn Doerksen

Nov. 10/17