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I am a little at a loss.
We have had a ‘Freedom’ convoy of truckers and their supports roll across the country slowing down truckers who are still doing their jobs as well as others travelling or attempting to get around their cities to protest Covid mandates. This convoy has made its way from the West coast to Ottawa; the Capital of Canada.
They have done a lot for their cause:
-Blocking crossings at the border.
-Dancing upon the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. (These are the remains of a Canadian soldier who fought and died in World War One. His remains were brought to Canada and placed in the tomb to symbolize all the Canadians who have fought and died in the cause of Freedom but never returned home)
-Using Terry Fox’s statue as though he would stand for what these ‘Freedom’ fighters are calling for. (Terry Fox is a national hero and treasure. He was running across Canada to raise money and awareness of cancer in the ’80’s. We still do runs every year in his name.)****One organizer stated that it was all in jest and most Canadians got it. No they did not. Vast majority of Canadians are appalled and disgusted.
-Demanding food from a shelter set up to provide meals and care for the homeless.
-Allowing trucks to run all night whilst banging on their horns. (So caring and concerned for the families that are living in and around the area and unable to sleep due to the noise.)
I understand people want to protest.
I understand that people are sick and tired of all these mandates.
I understand and get all of it.
Do you think that we all are not?
Do you think that I enjoy wearing a mask every single time I walk into a store?
Do you think that I enjoy wearing a mask every time I go outside to put an order into my customer’s vehicle?
Do you think that I enjoy not being able to hug friends who are suffering in pain?
Do you think I enjoy not being able to comfort grieving customers who are like family when they have loved ones pass on?
I had a man come through my till on Friday with his wife.
She was masked.
He was not.
C (huge smile on his face): I am not wearing a mask.
Me (as I can see he is maskless): Uh huh.
C: I am supporting the truckers.
Me: Ah (turns to next customer): How are you today?
I support truckers too.
Especially those who continue to work and ensure that products and goods are getting through to where they need to be.
Wanna know the funniest thing?
This ‘Freedom’ Convoy started out due to the Canadian gov’t mandating that all truckers had to be double vaccinated by Jan. 15/22 to ensure that they could travel back and forth between the States and Canada without the need to isolate and/or quarantine.
‘Let’s Go! We can get the gov’t to repeal the orders (much of which are provincial mandates not federal) or force a stand still and inconvenience other Canadians as this will get the whole country on board.’
Hey Dumbasses: You cannot enter the United States by land if you are not double vaccinated.
So tell me what is it that you are really fighting for?
The ability to remain ignorant and spout off ridiculous conspiracy theories?
©Feb. 1/22
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Unnamed Poem #1

finally i can see
what the world does
when looking at me.
i was lost
now i am found
trips from tongue
drunk upon freedom
spin in circles
the sky
it is my limit.
limitless I now be
there is nothing
not one damn thing
to stand in front of me
command my desires
free i be 
tigress on the hunt.
stalk the night
prey in sight
low growl
silent glide
never know I am there
it is too late.
i am lost no longer.
i am free once more.
jagged nightmare
careful you do not awake
teeth at your throat
claw to heart
i am coming for you
death’s deadly desire.
March 17/20
Picture via Pinterest
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