Loki & T

Last evening was quite the giggle fest for me.

Loki was being a right pain and bugging the big kids. I had put treats out for them when little bully boy comes rushing through and trying to eat all the treats before Lucky and Thomas. I decided enough was enough and picked him up to cart off to the bedroom. Like a toddler he needed a time out. Like a toddler as I carried him off to my room he was crying and kicking his back feet as though he was having a temper tantrum.

T was at his dad’s and was dropped off around 8:30 last night. He had a good time filled me in on his weekend. And talked. And talked. And talked. Asked if he did not talk to his dad and he does but not like he talks to me! And he had not seen me in three days there was a world of information to download on me. All at once.

T: Mom I really do not like french. I don’t like my teacher. She is sassy and snarky. She yells all the time and makes me feel like I am dumb. Crosses her arms and says ‘oh you don’t know this?’

M: It is only for a short time more. Just bear with it. When I get home from work we will review your homework. In part this is my fault for not looking over your school work.

T: No mom it is not your fault. My science teacher is awesome she told us that if we get a poor grade that yes we are at fault but she too is also a little at fault because she has obviously not taught us well. (Kudos to the science teacher for being real with the kids and letting them know that it is not always them)

M: I still need to go over your school work.

T: Swedish is so much easier to learn.

M: You’re learning swedish?

T: Yeah when I can’t sleep at night I learn Swedish.

M: laughing so hard that I have tears running down my face: You learn Swedish at night?

T: Yeah at midnight. And mom half hour of Swedish feels like it is over in a blink of an eye. French in the same time frame takes over a year.

M: What are you a spy? Did you get a government job I am not aware of?

Once again this child of mine astounds me. Swedish? Who would have thought that would be a language of interest for him? I suppose I should start to worry if I am finding coded messages in his room.

Have a fabulous Monday loves!

Nov. 9/20

Picture is my own.

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