Writing Update

Not sure if anyone recalls that last month I had dinner with friend and author D.G. Valdron.

We were discussing my writing etc and I told him I would have 5 new poems for him aside from the 2 he had already written.

Last count I had 12 or 13.

All written before April 30th.

Now I need to tidy them up. Review. Rewrite. Type and print out for easy reading. I do need to get some printer ink so I can print the pages off.

I am pretty impressed with myself.

Now I have until May Long Weekend to get the poems polished.

Some Days Are Harder Than Others

It feels like this week is rather tumultuous and it is not over yet.

I can tell you if I were still drinking I would be picking up a bottle of wine on the way home tomorrow. However I don’t so will need to figure out some other way of coping with everything.

Two very important people in my life have had a rough week this week.

I am sending out rays of sunshine, love and light to both of them and encompassing them in my warm protective bubble where no fear or pain can reach them.

Once I am allowed to I will make sense of the cryptic post for all but please if you have a bit of white love to send out into the universe I would be greatly appreciative. Even if you send your white light to surround me and I can than use to siphon off I would be ever so thankful.

There are times when I just do not understand the why’s and wherefores of the universe.

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