Crazy Cravings

So now that the news is out I can tell everyone that K is pregnant. Not that any of you know her in person but you have read it here. I was the only person K told the day after she took the pregnancy test, we were screaming and hugging in the cash office.

Now like women who work together, even though I am in menopause, K and I were still synced. For me it was moods and hot flashes. Now I am beginning to also have some of her pregnancy symptoms. Crying. Angry. Laughing. Crazy. Mood. Being an Empath I pick up her moods really quickly and absorb some of her energy from her.

Last night I woke up and was wanting something sweet. But I did not have anything. I stood in front of the cupboard, doors open, not wearing my glasses and in the dark, trying to decide on what I wanted. Decided on the veggie thins, pulled the box down and crammed three of them in my mouth.

For some reason I went over to the fridge and opened the door. Lo and behold the cake T had iced and brought home last week was still in the fridge. I admit that I have been scooping icing off and eating it. I did not even hesitate last night and took a scoop of icing, stuck my finger in my mouth, which still had veggie thins in it, chewed and swallowed, crawled back into bed and was out like a light.

I told K this morning and she howled. Her wish/curse (LOL LOL) is that I will take on some of her labor pains. Not so sure about that one but I will be there to give her encouragement along the way. Not at the hospital though, she is annoyed enough with how easy my birth was for T.

I am so excited for K and her significant other. This is a huge step in their journey together. And I know that they are going to absolutely rock it.

Some Things Never Change

On Sunday I met with three girl friends for breakfast in the city. There should have been 4 of us but H2 had had to work the night before and was unable to make it.

Two of them, C and H, we have been friends since we were 11 years old. The other C2 joined the party in high school. H2 I have known since elementary school.

It was an awesome time and we have made plans to go again on Feb. 12th.

As we were sitting there I was yammering away when suddenly I stopped and in puzzlement asked:

Was I the one who did all the talking back then too?

To which both C & H emphatically announced that yes I talked all the time back then as well. I laughed because really while things change some things never will.

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