Mish Mash

Exhausted. 😴😴😴😴😴
That is the one word that would sum me up today.
My phone congratulated me about the steps I have taken in the last three days.
Before cautioning me to make sure that I rested in between.
As you can see I do not move all that much on the weekends.
I get lectured on that by my phone as well.
You have not moved in the last two hours. How about you get up and walk a bit?
or It is going to be cloudy out today maybe you should walk inside?
My phone wants to make sure that I remain healthy.
I am so glad that I am off tomorrow.
I will be up early hit the two stores I need to go to, Walmart and Sobeys.
One for groceries and the other for a gift card for the ex’s girlfriend.
Thankfully I can pay bills from home on the laptop.
Or phone.
I am fairly confident that at the moment my brain is mush.
Each thought a little slippery but at least making it from my brain to my fingers.
They extended the school break by two days.
T will now be going back on Jan. 10th  when I go back to work.
We get to spend the whole week that I am on holidays together. 🤗🤗🤗
Friday night we are going to have a game night.
Maybe make it a tradition.
I asked if he would also play Yahtzee with me.
He said yes.
I was so thrilled.
Until I realized it was sarcasm.
He came out and I told him how I use to play Yahtzee with my amma.
I only ever played the game with her.
Usually at the cabin.
But I regress.
My amma passed in 1982.
It really has been a long time.
T: Well then teach me how to play mom.
Me: Really? You want me to?
T: Yes.
Me: Well why didn’t you say that before?
T: Well then I would never have gotten to hear the story about your amma.
Me (getting teary eyed): Do you know yesterday was 40 years that she passed away.
T: Mom it isn’t 2022.
Me (teary eyed throws hands out) 39 years whatever.
Me: She is on my mind. The wife of an ex-boyfriend reached out and sent me a photo album of mine that he had.
The first picture I saw when I opened the album was of her.
Then I sat here and was trying to find a different type of fire and weather to put on as background noise on Youtube.
I was typing in the letters.
T: Mom you know you can just press the button and talk right?
Me: What?
T: Push the blue button and say what you want.
Me: Crackling Fire under Starry Night.
Alexa: Crackling Fire under starry night on Youtube.
T: You did not know this?
Me: I thought I could only use on Prime. 🤦🤦🤦🤦
For some reason it looked like I had spelled this word wrong when I typed it into Youtube Search.
So I retyped it as Stary.
Youtube found nothing with that spelling.
T and I were dying laughing.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
©Dec. 22/21

Double Dip The Devil

My life for yours
the Devil said to me
while I stood
confusion writ upon my face
here Satan was
evil doer
meaner then a hornet
offering his life for mine?
What’s the catch?
I narrowed my eyes
I could see him fidget
his horns
they got a little glassy
abashed he looked
and I knew
there was something he did not want to do.
What is it?
What is what?
Innocence upon the Devil’s face
tis not something I thought to see
but seemed to me
there was something he really wanted to ignore.
Frustration warred with resignation.
I watched each emotion pass
across brutish face
with a dangerously handsome cast.
Look do you really want to die?
Um no, does anyone want to die?
Narrowed eyes;
had I gone too far?
he still held out hope
that I would oblige
making his life a tad better?
I snarled
Let me pass
as with a snap
I was hurled upon bone hewn throne
a line
as far as the eye could see
and beyond
of demons big and small
I knew naught.
I know why now
The Devil played his hand.
He took his death upon the chin
all because this was the year
it was his turn
to play Father Death.
Turns out
one cannot really kill the Devil
and I already have my wish ready
for next year
when I make him pay double.
©Dec. 15/21
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