Finish the Story-October #3

I have been given the opportunity to continue the story started by the wonderful writer over at the The Haunted Wordsmith.  I greatly enjoy reading how each of us contributes to making a single story. Please please check out her blog. You will not be disappointed.

The single sheet of paper, so thin, like parchment, seemed to jump into his hand. He looked over the spidery handwriting and realized that no one ever wrote like this today.

My Dearest David;

It has taken so long for you to succumb to your curiosity. During this time I have waited and waited.

I realize that this is confusing to you, but know my love, I have been waiting throughout the cycles of time for you. Every life you have lead moved you further and further away from our love. Now though I sense that you are ready to find me.

I shall wait upon the cliff where first we met.

Please my darling, don’t make me wait.

Love Tabitha.

David stared at the words written and began to feel. Warmth. Desire. Memories teasing, just out of reach. He began to fold the letter up, realizing that he must deliver it. However did he have to? It was actually addressed to him, even if the address was to Number 604.

David did not realize that he was being watched. That through the peephole of Number 604 a brilliant green eye gazed upon him. Crimson lips, wet with saliva, parted and a whispered breath whistled. She hoped that he would succumb, he would take the bait. For she had waited a long time to…….

I am tagging Britchy over at Bitchin’ in the Kitchen to continue the story.




Tumble out of the way
here comes the court clown
dressed in a gown
ready to play.
Bloated they sit
at what he may say.
‘Hear ye
hear ye
all shall we include
I have an announcement to make.’
Heads begin to turn
eyes narrowed in fear
his whiplash tongue
had been known to
men stronger in power
men stronger in riches
men stronger in their supreme courts
than he will ever be.
‘Time has come to make recompense
for all the evil you have done.
laws that discredit you
ideas you do not like
whole groups of people
when they speak the truth.’
With all eyes upon
he turned
walking away
leaving mouths agape
hearts racing
brains churning
at what he meant.
What he left them with
was a fear so great
nothing more needed to be done.
What scenarios they imagined
would be far worse than he could do.
Photo by TETrebbien on Unsplash


It was a magical dress
made me feel like a million bucks.
When I entered the room
omg this is how Cinderella felt
as everyone stared at me.
I am not the prettiest girl.
I am not the smallest girl.
Today though
with make up and hair
professionally done
I look stunning.
My date
he arrived
eyes popping out of his head.
That was all
the best compliment
I need nothing more
for tonight
I am a princess.
Sept. 29/18
Photo by Javier Reyes on Unsplash

High Rent Girl

You be thinking….
you a high rent girl
waiting for a sugar daddy
or just a daddy
to pay your bills.
You spend your time
your money
on looking ferocious
ignoring those who need care…..
because to dance a dance
to catch a mate
or rather a protector
bill payer
just another man to milk.
You strut
think that you look hot
but darlin’ please
you look like a silly twat.
Be thinking you a high rent girl
that any man would be lucky to have you.
Honey hate to burst that bubble
you ain’t no high rent girl
only a low rent bitch.
Sept. 28/18
Photo by Mikail Duran on Unsplash


Striding along
no fear of the world
moving through crowds
cowl shaped
dancing in the sun.
Holidays are short and sweet
actually rarely taken
so the decision to make a day
moving through masses of humanity
the violence
the hatred
the damaged souls
concentrating on the sun
clean smell of the beach air.
Death strolls along
scythe in hand
sand between his toes
robe to be discarded
when he finds a place to laze his bones.
Sept. 28/19

Let Us Sin

Music swells
bodies move on the street
colorful floats
women dressed in diamante
hips moving
siren’s call to sin.
Strangers becoming friends
time for all to have fun.
a week of desires
before the beginning of lent.
in faith
in dress
kneeling before the priest
smiling in secret
knowing that the dance will begin again.
Sept. 22/18

Recruiting New Pirates

Arg the Captain wants me to explain the duties in such a way as to cause a mass sign up of new pirates. Hopefully I am not going to scare any off potential candidates.

The life a of pirate is one of hard work but oh the benefits make it all worth it.

Dollops of rum every day. Booty. Treasures. Everyone is afraid of you. We carry big swords. Small Stilettos.

Running up the rigging, cleaning blood stains off the deck at least I do not have to cook. There would be no crew left if I did that. Mostly, I get to sand and remove the blood stains that I tend to make (from others not myself) as the Captain loves a clean ship.

Our crew is often up to hijinxs and laughter. We spend our days sailing the seas, boarding ships that try to outrun us (not that they can) and nothing is as fun yanking down the fake flag we have and replacing it with the Jolly Roger.

Come and join us. The Merry band of Pirates that we are. I promise you will find it fun.

In response to: International Talk Like a Pirate Day Recruitment Drive.