Oven Haunting

A while back I turned off the front element on the stove but the light indicator remained on. I felt the element and it had cooled off so I was not too perturbed.

I have to admit to having a chuckle or two when T and mom both kept flicking the knob back and forth trying to turn the light indicator off. I forgot to tell them before hand.

Last week I got home from work and T asked me if I noticed anything different. I looked around but could not figure out what was different. With a hand flourish he indicated that the light on the stove for the element was out.

I asked what he had done and T said he did not know.

Sunday I noticed that the light indicator was back on.

Maybe the oven has a ghost.

Untitled Dark Poem #11

Broad stairs
faded carpet runners
dust on the floor
no footsteps
no warmth in the fireplace
cold spots
reaching out to envelope
those foolish enough to enter
to try and find
the ghost 
everyone swears
still resides here.
Creeping in the shadows
a slight figure
seen from the corner of the eye
high pitched
ringing in your ears.
gripping ankles
gripping wrists
hair standing on the back of your neck
looking back
see her fly towards you
her eyes
her screams
will forever haunt your dreams.

©Feb. 5/23
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