Mama’s Mafia

Photo by Bruce Dixon on Unsplash

Door knob.
And yes they know it means whale penis.
These are the names
the insults
my girls have given to you.
They dislike you.
They would bury you
up to your neck
at low tide
where the sand crabs can get you.
Pinch your nose
your lips
your cheeks
watch as the surf rolled in
covering your face.
They really really don’t like you
or how you treat this lass.
I have cried so many tears.
Wailed and gnashed my teeth.
Finally they were done
and decided that you need to learn
you cannot play with my heart
without raising the wrath of the mighty five.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
May 9/18

Ode to my Girls (AK,K2,K3,M3 & V)

Mom has been talking to me a lot about the benefits of having girl friends. Women who are not at all like you, but somehow you make it work. There is always something that draws you all in, that makes you a group to begin with, but as time flows and passes, you become sisters who chose one another, as opposed to those biologically assigned.

I was just sitting here thinking how lucky I am. I have a really great group of girl friends. We don’t hang out much outside of work, although we talk. A lot. All the time actually. One of my girl friends does not even live in the same country as me. Yet as I messaged her this morning I realized she is the first or second person I always message when I wake up.

The work girls, there are a total of five of us. We are all crazy, loud, proud women. We laugh a lot. Usually at my expense but that is okay. Two are married with two beautiful girls each. One is in a very committed relationship with a beautiful daughter and handsome son. They are getting ready to build a home together. And than there are the two single women, me the oldest with T  and my 2nd (work reference), the youngest and her furbaby. We all have busy lives, I think the last time we were all together minus one, was when I moved into my apartment.

Our work Christmas Party is coming up soon. I believe we will all be in the same room at the same time. Still segregated by department lol, but we can wave across the room to one another.

I got side tracked.

As I was thinking about what a wonderful group of women we all are, I realized something else. We are all survivors. I am not detailing anyone’s pain but my god, each of us has gone through trials. We have walked through paths of fire, and some of us still do, but we have come out on the other side.

I never leaned on anyone prior to the ending of my marriage. I was the one everyone else leaned on. When the explosion occurred my girls rallied. They have been there for me every day.

I am a lucky lucky woman. And I love my girls. This is my ode to them.