I’m The Toxic One

So I make one of my co-workers anxious. Which leads to her then saying things that are not true. I get frustrated with how she supervises which leads to me getting annoyed.

K and me were talking about this this morning as well as discussing one of the young girls who was a recent hire. Super sheltered she is an easy frustration for the others. I am trying very hard to remain positive that this young lady can be taught. She is friendly. She talks to the customers. She just needs to learn.

As I am talking to K about extending grace to this recent hire, it hit me that I too must extend grace. To the other supervisor. K was giggling away because she had been about to say that to me. About grace.

Instead she cheered me with how quickly I came around. I did tell her though that I would only come to the front when I was needed because I was not able to handle it. That the way I felt that supervising should happen and the way she does it are two very different things.

I did see her before she stared her shift. Wished her a good morning. She mentioned how much she loved Christmas. I mentioned how it was beginning to feel like it as well. And the Christmas carols have begun on repeat.

I find myself singing along which is funny because years before I am a grinch about them. Hate them. LOL The fact they come on in November makes it even worse. But not this year. This year I am loving them.

I am going to work on how I speak to this other co-worker. I am going to be more aware of how I come across. I can be scary. I know this. And when I stand like a foot over her it can be overwhelming. I am a loomer. I am also a lurker but in this instance it is looming.

I did tell K that for the foreseeable future I was going to be avoiding the front end unless absolutely necessary and she said that was understandable.

Nov. 25/22

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Untitled Poem #1-Word of the Day Challenge-Multiple Word Use

I reach out
a hand there
stepping down
gown in hand
grace epitomized.
Tis that time
to age yet another year
before king and class
there is no surprise
known men do not arise
as I cast jaundiced eye
over the batch.
same men appearing
one day they might be found
bachelor island
what the fuck
where the hell is the boat from here?
reaching high
grasping vine
pull me up
pull me
oh fuck
get me out!!!
The foliage is deep
aids my escape
minted love
I shall disappear
I shall fade to black
never forget.
I cannot believe this mess
let me bounce
run from you
saving self
get away
I love you not.
You were so smart
you were sane
yo were so fucking smooth
liar liar
pants on fire
loved me never
go to hell
my throne awaits
discipline is coming…..
I warned you
stockades are coming
I told you not to fuck with me.
©April 12/20
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This poem includes all the Word of the Day Challenges
since April 6th. I was having a hard time creating anything
so I pushed myself to write a coherent poem using all the missed
words. I hope I satisfy.
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