The Litte Things

I bought my tulips last Friday. Repotted them on Saturday or Sunday. They began to unfurl more after I put in pot. And today, they are opening. Aren’t they gorgeous? And I looked it up they can be container potted, I just need to force ‘winter’ on them. Either in cold storage or the fridge.

Who knows. My vines weren’t suppose to last the winter either and yet I have a new cutting begun and flourishing for my Sweet Potato Vine. My other vine will need cutting back and repotting in smaller container. Also need a better trellis support for it.

The dried up one is my lavender bush that went dormant over winter. Hoping that it will make a come back. I have been harvesting pieces the have broken off and put into jar. Who knows what things I may be able to concoct with it.

I also have my Lime Cypress but am not sure what it is doing. They require a lot of water and sunlight. I keep hoping that it is going to come back to me but at the moment is very annoyed with me.

Beginning to Get it

More and more I am beginning to understand the lack of care I give to what others are thinking of me.

I am brash. I am loud. I love to laugh. I am vain. I am toxic to some. Nothing I do will change that. I am mean. Sarcastic. I am proud. I am a work in progress. Warts and all. I learn something new about myself every day.

Today for example. I went to go and get my fresh whole wheat bread for my customer and discovered that an error occurred yesterday. I had asked that my 3 loaves of white bread be cancelled because my customer had come and picked his order up already and would not be needed for today.

The young lady had cancelled my order for the 3 loaves of bread I needed for today.. In times passed I would have gone off about how stupid could someone be, not today. Mistakes happen and my customer does not mind day old bread so why should I get upset? Not going to help any and it is not worth it anyways.

Back to me. And my faults. And learning.

I can apologize when I have to but I will not apologize just because someone thinks that they deserve one.

I am no longer holding onto things. If I am upset or bothered about something I will talk about it. Not allow it to stew and fester.

And I really no longer am worried about what others are thinking of me. It really is none of my business.

Nov. 22/22

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