Legit Truth

It seems to me if you require guns to take and hold a position; and still require them when the dust settles; does not a legitimate government make.

Real politicians are elected.

Thugs use force.

Makes one wonder if in fact their guns are a sign of a lack in other departments.

Can you fault the women running to get away from these small penised wonders?

Aug. 21/21

The Hunters

looking down the barrel
a gun aimed at her head
silent tears
track through the dust on her cheeks.
He tells her to kneel
he demands that she begs
yet she looks up at him
defiant to the end.
Gun shot rang
the echo
shattering the midnight silence
she fell at his feet.
All the others lay on their bellies
heads pressed to the dirt
afraid to move
even a single twitch.
They do not want to end up like her.
Lies will be spewed
as asses are covered
but the truth shall be found
for no one with a conscience can sleep
while they play hunter
their prey helpless at their feet.
Humanity will be lost
if this is left to fester
all cannot be shot
if we stand up to the Jester.
Picture via: Photo by Sebastián León Prado on Unsplash