Handsome Boys

I turned around to find Thomas and Loki cuddling.

Loki loves to cuddle in my arms. I have not been able to hold him but today he came and pushed his little body onto my lap and immediately curled over into his upside down position. I rubbed his belly and he seemed happy.

They are the cutest.

Sept. 7/22

Word of the Day Challenge #78-Untitled Poem

It began innocently
a conversation
getting to know you
getting to know me
were we compatible
would we fit?
I was.
Pain still lingered in my heart
covered with shattered glass
I would not let you near
would not let you feel me
hiding my face from your glance.
all I allowed you to find.
whispered in my ear
whispered against my skin
your hand covered mine own
pulled me close
lip to lip
you shut me up.
A single kiss
reaching to the depths of my soul
igniting a passion
igniting a desire
unlike any I had experienced before.
Pulled close
body to body
you made me…..
Leaving me craving
always craving
©Dec. 26/19
Picture via PInterest
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