The Saying Goes:

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

We envision a better life. Happier. More friends. More money. Bigger house. Why is this what we struggle to attain?

There is of course the What If…..

I made a different choice? Responded differently? Took a different route?

What if? What if? What…..

For myself my right now is so much better than any what if I could conjure. My journey has lead me here to the life I am living. To the people I love. To my dreams. To my ever changing self.

©Aug. 1/22

Within Reach

Each hurt
each pain
each bitter pill I had to swallow
became a piece of armour
until one day I realized
I was covered
head to toe
silver armour
diamond studded to ensure
that no one can get through
no one can shear past this woven protection
and within
my heart
my soul
my being are kept hidden.
I feel the sun upon my face
arms akimbo
soaking in the natural beauty
feeling it upon my soul.
reaching for the warmth
tears begin to pool
slow to seep
fall over slender cheek
eyes closed
head back
deep breath
taking in cleansing air
exhaling a black cloud of emotion.
All the things that would hold me back.
I embrace this time of change.
I embrace this time of looking back
accepting what was.
I embrace this time of now
learning anew who I am.
I embrace this time of looking forward
to seeing my dreams and reaching for them.
©July 16/22
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