The Tide Is Out

Little by little
Piece by piece
You tear away
The moors beneath my feet.
Stand upon a pier
Air heavy with moisture
Are these tears upon my cheeks?
Or vapor lingering like a mask
Controlling my thoughts
Controlling my desires
Controlling me.
I feel boxed in
Jailed without bars to hold me
My prison
A drafty place
Created within
Waiting for me to walk away
For the key to become apparent
I know it is hidden
Somewhere in the recess of my mind
I am unable to find it
Unable to follow the yellow brick road
For it does not lead to safety
But to a cavern of inequity and sin.
I have become lost
There seems to be no path back
To life
To dreams
To love.
Upon this pier I stand
Rocking gently with the waves
One step forward
Down I fall
Into the rabbit hole
Never to return home.

©April 3/23

Feeling Better

I started out not 100% but ended the day strong.

Taking time to care for myself when I’ll makes more sense then beating myself up and forcing myself to go into work. Moping and in an all around funk.

Sometimes an old dog can learn a new trick. 🐕🐕🐕🤣🤣🤣

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