I may have made a wee mistake
when you asked me out that day
my little heart did skip a beat
the sun came out to play.
I looked in the closet
tossed tops
all on the bed
but was unable to find anything to wear.
I dithered
I dathered
I finally made due
a pair of jeans
a hoodie
hair in an up-do.
Minimal makeup
au natural I usually go
I wanted to make an impression
(upon your heart)
as you have on mine.
Fingers trembling
small beads of sweat run down my spine
never have I been so nervous
to go on a date with a guy.
I should have paid attention
to how your head did swivel
whenever a woman walked back
you were not as in tune with me
as I was with you.
A small hurt began to niggle.
Made another error
I judged the situation wrong.
As you dropped me off at home
my heart did sing
from my mouth to your ears
Watched your face cloud over
realized my faux pas
your heart was not
would never be mine.
As you drove away
clouds rolled over a setting sun
gather unfallen
in the corner of my eyes.
Once more played the fool.
I give up…..
love is dead.
©Sept. 5/19
Picture via Pinterest
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