On Their Own?

I have been awake since 3:30.

Not by choice but because I woke up for the bathroom and my body decided that now was the time to be awake.

Now when I got up to go to the bathroom I unerring walked straight to bathroom. Nothing in the way i.e. a cat to trip over. Turned the bathroom light on and stopped short.

No there was not a cat on the toilet. And no there were no other entities floating around that I am aware of. But I was half asleep and they could have been dancing on the ceiling for all I knew.

No, what made me stop was my slippers. Set right in front of the toilet. Like I had stepped out of them right there and left them. I was pretty confused because I was sure when I went to bed they were on the floor next to said bed.

The need to pee pushed me passed the weirdness. Put my feet into my slippers and went about my business lol lol and crawled back onto bed. But wide awake I was.

Laid in bed for about half hour reading headlines thinking about my day. Wondering what it will bring. Realizing with a bit of panic that it is getting closer and closer to K’s last day before mat leave.

Also realized that I have 2 weeks until holidays begin. May 18th. Technically 11 working days. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee holidays!

I am a Suckie Baby

Oh yes, I am sick.

Felt fine yesterday and then mid-afternoon I started to feel crampy and icky. So I laid down on the couch and slept from 3-5. Woke up and knew that even though my tummy was not feeling hot that I needed to eat something. But the cramping was still there. Two bites of toast and I decided that I was going to have a bath because I was freezing.

It is entirely possible that I tried the toast after the bath but cannot really get that time line straight. I did soak in the tub for two hours. Hot enough to scald a normal person I drained my hot water because it was not hot enough. I had heat cranked throughout the apartment (save for T’s room) and still it was not hot enough.

Heat cranked to 20 degrees celsius (68 degrees F) in both the living room and my bedroom. I was in sleeping pants and my hoodie. Crawled into bed and shivered. Was out like a light.

I woke one to go to the bathroom. Loki was being annoying so I closed my bedroom door. At one point I woke up sweating and changed the hoodie for a tank top before diving back under the covers because I was then freezing.

Around 6 my alarm went off (this after resetting it from 4, 5, 5:30) and I opened the bedroom door before crawling back into bed. I reset the alarm again to 7 to see how I felt before falling back to sleep.

As I write this it is 9:05 and I am on the couch bundled up watching Who Killed Santa? A MURDERVILLE Murder Mystery. Stupid as all get out but entertaining as all get out to me. I have taken 3 Motrin for the headache and in unrelated news my right elbow is kicking up major fuss. Hurts like an S.O.B. and won’t let go.

Going to make myself a bland piece of toast and a cup of tea. Hoping that that will help with the hunger while easing the cramping. Then more sleep. I have a busy week coming up and leading into Christmas. I have to clean the apartment. I have to get the Christmas presents wrapped. Laundry. I do not have time to be sick.

It just needs to hold off until Dec. 28th at 5 p.m. Then I can be sick as much as I want because I am on holidays until Jan. 9th.

Dec. 15/22

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