She’s a little pushy

This is going to be a wee bit of a brag.

T has informed me that the time has come for me to move beyond my poetry to short stories. He would like to see me stories like his. The Adventures of Pickle. Kids book he has created.

I have been mulling over an idea or what I thought the idea was going to be. Last night I grabbed my notebook and opened up a new page in Evernote Notebook Fiction. I wrote for an hour. At times my fingers flew across the keyboard as my character began to take shape. Imagine my surprise when my main character morphed from male to female and the male lead is becoming a secondary character.

I wrote 1249 words last night.

I could have continued writing but than I would only be going to bed now. I have not written a short story since the early 2000’s. I am so excited and even now she is hovering at the edge of my conscious poking me as though saying ‘Hey Jay what are you doing? I am here, c’mon let’s get going I have so much to tell you.”



My Best

Picture via Facebook. Created by @treeowl

I am at my best. Every time I push myself to write. Every time I have an idea. I no longer strive for perfection. I am happy how I am. I will grow and evolve but always as I do I will be doing my best.
“I am a woman with dreams that I am finally ready to persue. I am beginning to think that this is my evolution and I am awakening from hibernation.”
I wrote both of those statements yesterday in regards to myself. I was having a conversation with a friend at the time. And after I made both of these, I had a profound sense of relief. That another piece of the puzzle has slide into place.
Recently when asked to do something, my response has been ‘I will do my best.’ Prior to this, I would take on more and more work or tasks pushing myself beyond the limits that I impose on others so as to not overwork and burn them out. But not Jay. Jay is Superwoman and she can go for years on empty with a false smile on her face. (Yes I realize that I wrote about myself in the 3rd person but I have found another topic for myself to ponder) I do have limits though. I may crash through all the barriers before I come to the firey crash but it will end. And away I go down a road of disrepute.
Back to my best. My best is going to have to be good enough. For those who are use to me going above and beyond, well they are going to have to get use to this me. The me who is not going to keep her fingers on all the pulses. The me who is going to live life and work her job. Not work her life and live her job. The me who is right here, happy and well along the way to healthy. Both physically and mentally.
When the statement ‘I cannot wait to see you at your best’ was made to me, I did not even hesitate to think before shooting back the above response. What do you mean see me at my best? I am at my best. I give my all and if that falls short for you, well my friend I guess you are missing out on this me and you are looking for a me that does not exist. Now I know that he did not mean anything rude by his statement and I did not take it as such.
Yet again it made me think about how I have been in the past. Previously if this comment was made to me, I would have gone into a tailspin. To me that would have meant that I was failing at something and I needed to shore up the defences. I would panic and force myself to work hard, push more. For what? To fall apart when I cannot meet that ideal I have created for myself. No one else did this, this is a reaction that I have built into me. Oh wait, yes someone did help to create this mess but I am already leaving it behind me.
As for my dreams. What do I dream of? I dream of writing every single day. And I do. I dream that I will win the lottery. Haven’t yet but I keep on buying and dreaming. I dream of what T and me are going to do this summer. I dream of romantic dinners and walks under the moon. Ha, that one is a dream dream. I dream.
These are not the dreams I allowed myself before. Before it was all about ensuring that I had my head on straight. Took care of the bills the rent the loan putting food on the table. I was the responsible one at all times. This is not to say that I am going to ditch my responsibilities and run off to live on a beach somewhere (however we will add that to the romance and winning lottery dream) but I am reprioritizing. My dreams are very important. Never again am I going to stifle, deny myself the dreams that I have.
I am shaking the dust off my wings and I am going to soar higher than I have ever been. 🙂


I am a dweller. When I have been through a situation, I will look at it from every angle to see where I could have done better. And will still be looking at that same situation three weeks later. I go over and over it in my head. It is the same with conversations that I know are forthcoming.
One of the steps in my counselling is learning to be present. Be in the moment. Once a situation is done it is done. No amount of dwelling on it is going to make a difference. As for the future, I am unable to predict that let alone know what is going to be said and how I will respond. So I need to learn not to dwell. Something I have done my entire life.
Yesterday as I was getting ready for my appointments, I began to think ahead to when I return to work. What that is going to be like. How will…….and I stopped. I shoved my face into the water, felt it cascade over my skin. Felt my wet hair clinging to my shoulders. My hands on my face. And the inside voice began: ‘Jay you are stopping this. You do not know what is going to be said. This does you no good to think about it.’ and like that, it vanished. The thoughts lol, not the voice.
In the evening when my Ex dropped off bread and milk for us, he was pretty curt to me. Thrust the two items at me and left even as I was saying thank you. I put the milk and bread away and asked T what was wrong with his dad. I know I should not have. T had no idea. And he had been off on Sunday too. I began to dwell. Trying to imagine what I had done or said that had upset him.
After a little while of this I realized what I was doing and shot off a long message to K1 (BFF in the United States). I explained to her what was going on. And as I did, the need to justify or figure out what his deal was, was not mine to make. I am no longer responsible for him. I no longer need to be concerned when his nose is out of joint. I only need to be concerned about what  T and me are doing. And as I did, it vanished.
This morning while working out, I began to think ahead again. To what I do not know. I had the same conversation with myself. I am responsible for myself and my actions. I do not know what someone will say to me or do in any situation I may find myself in so why do I bother dwelling on it? That doing so is not good. And as I had this conversation I could feel the beads of sweat that threaded along my temple. My hair glued to my back. The wet spot on my tank top. And I came back to now.
There are some exceptions to the thinking ahead and that is when you are planning something. A holiday to Mexico. Your wedding. The birth of your child. Submitting your work to a magazine.  To look ahead and imagine what that future looks like is normal. And exciting. That is not dwelling.
I really am proud of myself. I use that word a lot don’t I? The truth is though, that I never have really been proud of myself. I lacked the confidence and really felt as though I was not deserving of my own pride. I use to think I took pride in doing a great job at work, but that is who I am. It is an ethic that is ingrained in me. I learned it from my mom.  I take pride in T and all that he has accomplished but did not feel proud that I have been instrumental in this development.
Now though, as the days and weeks go by and I am learning about myself, I am beginning to feel proud. Proud that I believe in myself and that I am worthy of everything I want. Within reason obviously, wanting a castle, a pet dragon and a King to sweep me off my feel although well deserved is not going to happen. 🙂 Proud that I have not self-medicated in almost 60 days. 2 more days.
I am learning that I am stronger than I ever thought that I was. That I can look at myself see what is needed to change and go for it. Yesterday, I was telling my counsellor how after trying to teach T ’80’s’ math I started to flip through the pages. The first 15 or so pages were about addiction. A poem that I was trying to write. In 2015. Even then I knew but I was not at the bottom yet. Had not reached the point where my self-loathing came with a price that I had to pay.
I am going day by day. I am sorry to all who read this I bounced around a little bit. I am a woman on a journey. A growth that is spiritual in my own way, creative, as a mother and friend. I have come a long way in 60 days from who I was.
“I am a woman with dreams that I am finally ready to persue. I am beginning to think that this is my evolution and I am awakening from hibernation.”-Me today to a friend about myself.

Learning to Care

I am proud of me
in a non-egotistical way.
Not proud of my abilities
nor of my talents.
What I am most proud of
is how far I have come.
Where once I could not imagine the end of the day
where once I thought that I had no strength
that forever more I would be a poor wretch
stalking through the dark thoughts
trying to find the exit.
Yet I have seen the exit
burning bright in the distance
and every day,
it comes closer.
Truely there is no exit from depression
but there is recovery
there is relief.
I will learn to live in the moment
to live each day to its fullest.
I will learn to manage my sad days
so that they do not overwhelm me.
I will reach out to those who support me
when I need to feel comfort.
Most of all though,
I forgive myself,
I love myself
and from now on, I will take care of myself.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
Feb. 20/18


  1. a general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify.
T and me we had a great time throughout the week last week. Towards the end I had a few moments of irritability with him. I was annoyed with myself that I reacted to him the way that I did but not overly harsh.
Monday as I drove to pick T up from school I realized that I am sick of always being afraid. When did this happen to me? I don’t expect to be fearless as that is just not me, but this fearful person is not me either.
Tuesday I received a call that my insurance paperwork for the bank was filled out and I could go and pick it up. Well this began a comedy of not so funny laughs. The clinic tried to charge me for the paperwork twice. Thank goodness as I was going over it I realized or I would have overpaid. Than came the trek to the bank. Later I received a call from the clinic that they needed the paperwork back to make copies. Bank could fax if willing. Spent the better part of 3 hours going back and forth until I threw my hands up in despair went back to the bank picked up the paperwork and went to the clinic. The bank made me a photocopy of the papers needed so at least I did not have to go back.
Wednesday was my second counselling session. I have detailed that in another blog. Also on this day I found out the T believes that I am scared of everything. So my efforts to not have my fears infect him has failed. Well not failed, but I need to be more cognitive of how I talk to him.
Friday evening I drove to pick up T’s best friend for a sleepover. I had to do a loop da loop off the highway (cloverleaf) and I hate the things. There were people in front of and behind me trying to get to the loop da loop onto the highway as well as the traffic continuing into Headingly. I did it but my heart rate accelerated, I was sweating and sure that T and me were going to die.
On Saturday, I dropped T’s friend off at a birthday party and he and I went to Wal-mart. We had a great time walking throughout the store, getting the items we needed and browsing. I chatted with the cashier and was a real person. Not the mumbling zombie who interacts with the bare minimum. Stopped and got cat food. More interaction. Mcdonald’s and even more interaction.
Sunday T and me hung out until his dad arrived to pick him up. We had a great time. Laughed a lot. I have created a Tisms file and am going to start writing down things that we do that are funny or serious for us to look back on. T thinks that it will be cool as a teenager to look back and see how he thought as a kid. I was good for the evening after T left.
Than came monday. And the malaise hit. I exercised. I ate. I did laundry. I did dishes. I did not fold the laundry. I did not remake my bed after washing the sheets. The clean laundry on my bed ended up on the floor. I did go out for a brief moment to the post box and Co-op for a bag of chips. And by 3 p.m. I was exhausted. Wanted to nap but forced myself to stay awake. I ate very little for dinner. T arrived at 9 and we talked for a bit.
Although it is only 7:32 a.m. I am already trying to minimize my exposure to the outside world. And that is when it hit me. I feel malaised.
Now first off I love the word and we do not use it often enough. Secondly as I am pushing my way through this fog that I have found myself in, I am comforted knowing that it is not going to last forever. I am not wallowing in self-pity or hatred, I feel blah but am able to ride that out without falling into a sobbing mess. Thirdly, I am able to mark the decline. I can see where I am falling off and how to rectify the situation.
I  had a lot of external interaction last week. And because of that I have taken a couple of backward steps. But I am still stronger. For I have recognized what is happening with me and know that it will end.


I have struggled with the concept of affirmations. I have to admit that I feel silly standing in front of my mirror and talking to myself. I have devised another way of doing them. When I wake up, before getting out of bed, I will lay here (this is going to be what I do) and I will repeat my affirmations to myself. And than stretch and up to start the day.

Today I finally found my affirmations.

  1. I am a wonderful woman
  2. I am a kick ass mom
  3. I am beautiful
  4. I am strong.
  5. I am confident
  6. I have got this

Tomorrow after dropping T off at school, I am going to our local Staples and I am going to get me some really pretty paper. Or to Dollarama and get a poster board, come home and make up my affirmations poster. T has a ton of coloring stuff, and than I am going to hang it……somewhere where I will always see it.

Madness Refused

***Picture downloaded from Facebook. Work is credited to @treeowl
Tis madness that has grappled my mind
wrestling to submission
the good
the wonder of life
to a black void of nothingness.
Wrapping me in black strands of goo
sticky holding tight
the evil
the abuse I survived
will not chain my mind for long.
Gasping in great breaths of air
crystal clear,
crisp in my lungs
expel the tar
that sinks in,
like an anchor
on my soul.
Rip free from the cocoon
that has stifled my voice
hidden it
refused it
for oh so long;
and on trembling wings
spattered with paint
from all spectrums of color
I will soar above
reclaiming myself once more.
©Jay-lyn Doerksen
Feb. 9/18