The Horror Of Man

Not to say that there are not terrible women in history, in life, that live right now but the truth of the matter is that the vast horrors perpetrated upon those who cannot defend themselves, is done by men who feel they have the right.

They are entitled to their beliefs and way of life.

That they and they alone are right.

I have been watching Cold Case on Prime.

I began watching years ago when it first came out but life and constant shifting of time slot and station made it hard to keep up with. But now all seasons are on Prime and I can watch it all.

The ones I have the hardest time watching are the ones against children as well as the ones that are dealing with stories of minorities. Transgender. Gay. Lesbian. People of color. Anyone who could be deemed ‘other’.

The one I just finished sitting through and sobbing about, was a 16 year old black boy beaten to death on August 28, 1963. During the broadcast of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech.

Watching the recreation of how the white men treated both the young man and the young woman he wanted to protect, broke my heart. The fact that they stood and made a young woman, raped and abused, feel that it was a joke. The fact that no one would stand up to them. That no one would stop them.

Today’s world is not much different.

Children. Women. Those at risk. The Homeless. The Addicts. The Mentally Ill. Minorities.

They can all be made to disappear, to become lost, while the world continues to revolve around and around, the only heartache and pain felt by those who want to know what happened to their lost loved ones.

Wicked Avenger

Pretty Princess
Sweet Baby
you cooed
making me sick
I turned my head
unable to watch
go away
deep inside
where shall I hide?
Forced to look into your eyes
head held in a vise grip
your evil leer
etched by acid
deep in my mind.
One after another
they came
while I lay
near death
bled dry 
fierce warrior
rising in my breast
she will not let me die.
Time heals
they assured me
pain will fade
the inside scars though
they are always there.
I beg to differ.
I watched you die.
One after the other.
You begged me to stop.
You begged with all your might.
Just like you
I was deaf.
Unlike you.....
I had the will for revenge.

©Feb. 4/23
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