Parking Lesssons 101

Today I am much calmer about what I discovered when I went out to go home.
K called me in for 7 as we were having a blizzard and they were closing highways all around us and she wanted to get home before they closed her highway.
They were closing highways all over the south due to whiteout condition and sheets of ice.
My 7 minute drive became 17.
We had several staff calling out because they live outside of town and were just unable to get in.
And no job is so important at all that you should risk your life getting to it.
We were figuring for a slow morning but no…..apparently people of a certain age no longer fear death and so were out shopping and pooh pahing the idea that they should stay home.
Looked like we were having a senior convention.
I understand that people need to have food.
We all do.
What I do not understand is why when the highways have been closed, that you can see the driving conditions are atrocious and yet people are still out there.
This is what I hear a lot:
Well it is only myself I am risking.
Hey dumbass what about the other idiots who also believe that they are only risking themselves driving in this weather?
You are risking yourself and everyone else on the road.
As they are.
I had a total of 4 orders yesterday.
3 lived in town and only 1 outside.
I called to ensure that they were in fact in town and when my out of town person spoke with me we went back and forth.
She called me three times and the last time I spoke to her she was going to attempt to get in.
But I can see all these trucks driving by on the highway.
Big trucks or little trucks?
Well, big trucks.
Big trucks.
I am going to try anyways.
The fourth time she called she spoke to someone else to say that she would come and pick it up today.
I was so done.
Short staffed.
Trying to get my orders done.
Trying to help supervise and answer pages.
I got in an hour of overtime.
1 15 minute coffee break is all I took.
I actually called K and told her I was losing my shit.
She apologized and I told her it had nothing to do with her and everything to do with other people and getting under my skin.
3:45 I clocked out.
Started car.
Thought it was weird that someone had just stopped and parked in middle of the road and gone shopping.
Bought pizza and pop for supper.
Had floral put me through because I was not waiting in line at the front.
Get outside.
And discover…..
So the front of my car is in line with the post that says you cannot park on the other side of the sign and also with the other vehicles parked there.
The guy in front legal.
The guy behind me illegal.
I stared.
And stared.
And if I had not been if uniform I would have been screaming.
As it was:
Are you fucking kidding me? How fucking stupid are you people? OMG
I debated going back into the store and paging for the asshole to come and move his vehicle.
But calling someone an asshole and fucking moron over the paging system would lead to my getting fired.
I moved all the carts and pushed them closer to the vehicle blocking me from behind.
Got into my car and thank goodness it is small because a few reverse and forwards and I was able to maneuver myself out.
As I drove away I thought about going back and leaving a note but figured the jackoff would figure it out when they got back to their car.
And I know that they will have spent time walking around their vehicle trying to see if it had been hit at all.
©Feb. 12/22
Picture via Pinterest and myself

Idiot Boy……

He thought the world did love him

that what he wanted would be

his word was law

and law would be twisted to his views.

Slave maker

wife hater

child abuser

(oh not him really but others near)

he waves and laughs

to the hordes that are waiting

never seeing the sneers.

He did become famous

though not for the reasons he thought

it was all because of a lost photo

on which his sister did note:

‘Idiot boy for sale……



know it all

no money returns

and please don’t bring him back.’

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