IDK #1

IDK in text talk is I Don't Know. The reason the name of this poem is IDK is because I really do not know where this came from or what it means. Interpret as you will. I love the flow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

You have a thing.
I have a thing.
Your thing
My thing
they are not the same.
You dream of valleys low
mountains high.
I dream of ponds in the backyard
and a sea at the door front.
Your are nice.
I am not.
I can be.....
just sometimes it is easier to not.
You have cares.
I carry worries.
You have love.
I have.....
dire warnings.....
the opposite of cupid
that would be me.
Instead of red hearts
I come bearing black sorrow
and heartache.
Cupid might be a Lover
but I am an Avenger.

Copyright Feb. 12/23

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