Light & Shadows

Some days I look in the mirror and the image I see staring back at me is not the same image that everyone else sees.

They see smiles and sunshine. I see pain and stormy nights. Which of these is the true me? The one who feeds off the sunshine growing stronger? Or the one that the dark shadows creep slowly towards with night’s dawn snaking fingers reaching to ensnare me?

Tears feed the nightmare.

Oct. 28/22

****This is fiction.****

20 Questions

Do you think I am pretty?

Peering close

Nose almost to mirror




Where none there are.

Do you think I am beautiful?


Seeing imperfections

A pinch of skin

Equals an ounce of fat


Fingers down throat

Counting the ribs

Macabre delight.

Am I skinny enough?

Do you love me know?



Bones taken

Lips injected

Breasts lifted

Look into the mirror

Who do you see?

Who is this stranger looking back?

Do you love me now?

Do you want me now?

I have changed everything

Why is it not enough?

©June 6/22

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