Word of the Day Challenge #109-Untitled Poem

Jingle jangle
soft bells
toll the passing grace
motley dressed
harlequin faced
tongue be torn
a good place to let
secrets lay.
Into corner pulled
ear twisted
one up
one down…..
he did this
he did that
help me to shine
what should I do
help me with all the lies?
Time beribboned
seems as though lived through yesteryear
the games I watch today.
Warned you
truth always remains
burning away
ricketted bridges
spawned from deception
flames errupt
burning thrones
Jester girl
upon flagstones sat
unable to voice my truth.
©August 6/20
Picture is via Pinterest

Other Woman

Miles lay between us.
I have never held your hand
yet my love for you
knows no bounds.
It will be never
or maybe twenty years from now
we might meet
once all the entanglements are gone.
I stare at your picture
I wait with bated breath
for the ding on my phone
that indicates
you have finally sent a message.
I miss you all weekend long
when we are unable to converse
waiting with bated breath
for Monday to arrive
if only that I need to hear
you love me.
I know that this is wrong
I know that I should walk away
I know that some day I will be hurt
(always happens given my propensity
for picking those who are unavailable.)
I know though
that I love you.
Inside my bubble
I pretend
everything is alright
planning for a tomorrow
that will never arrive.
©Oct. 21/19
Picture via Pinterest
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