Emmie/Emmellia Untitled Poem #11

He groomed me.
He molded me.
He sold me.
Why do you continue to ask
over and over
same questions
different ways
same answers
every time
right down
to the infliction.
Why do you need to torment 
what I would rather forget?
Hidden deep
stirring depths
dragon raised
dark hatred
tips of fingers to tips of toes
starved silhouette
through shadows
rapid memories
into mind
turning perversion
mind frothing insanity
inside out
blood flowing
ebbing away.
You think
you feel
I should care more
feel more?
Your society believes 
no matter provocation
I should bow
I should be thankful
Have you stood
grown men
budding nipples
do not sit
unless you too
have seen
have done 
the things forced upon me.
Defiance found
stand tall
protect at all cost
little girl
behind scarred door
locked with chains
at best
worst of the monsters
©January 26/21
Picture is my own


In the last couple of weeks the poems that I have written have been interlinked.
At first it was just the way they were coming to me.
And then she began to peek around the corners.
And prod at me.
Whispering in my ear.
Flash of picture in my mind.
I would like to introduce you to Emmellia/Emmie.
They are one in the same as she will tell you.
They each know where the other begins and ends.
They are two separate yet one person.
She is a mystery to even me.
And shy?
Well shy is not an attribute that I would attribute (he he he that delights my senses this morning) to Emmie (so much easier to call her this when writing)
she is recalcitrant at best she is letting me know more and more that she has a story to tell.
Some of it will be written in poetry but there is more then can be conveyed with poems only.
So not sure where or how it is going to come out of me.
Emmie is in charge for this one.
So it gives me great pleasure to introduce to y’all: Emmellia a.k.a. Emmie.
For the first time in a gazillion years a character is making herself known to me.
And she is taking her time so bear with me.
Please grab a cup of coffee and sit awhile with me while we wait for Emmie to decide what next we will learn.
©Dec. 23/20
Picture is my own