Pale Death (A Victim’s Song)

Tickity tock
listen to the clock
they should have locked me away.
forgiveness and meds
put back onto the street
with promises to never harm again.
Did they really believe I would stay true?
Words forced from sugared lips
forced down with lemon and honey
head down
fingers crossed
oh look they are showing me the door.
Did they think I had forgotten my promises?
Shadows flow away
skipping through nighted streets
blinded by the man in the moon
my dancing desires racing.
Finger nails on chalk.
Thickened blood cakes scarlet talons
stabbing with disdain
licking fingers
I am coming home
on that you can depend.
Sodom and Gomorrah
wide open at my feet
terror streaked stone
copper and gold intertwined
Death’s desire
I watch with pleasant feat.
Shrill alarms
harridan loud
demented giggle
as I peer through the window
for this shall be your demise.
©August 11/19
Picture via Pinterest


You know I am here.
A time will come 
when you shall falter
and I…..
I will jump in.
Dark desire
I dance under your  skin.
Twisted need
I am the fire in your eyes.
Wanton thirst
I am the blemish on your soul.
Your self-hatred.
Your doubt.
Your history.
I am the one…..
I hold the key to you
only though
if you let me out to play.
Black rage
bottled up
close to boiling point
growl in dismay
you know
oh yes you do
you know I will get out.
here we go again.
You drink.
You get drunk
You allow me a peek
small glimmer
taste dew tinged air
before you reclaim
take back
your inner space.
I am…..
Nightmares made real.
Bumping into your barrier.
I could thump away
try to escape
only to heighten
your grip on me.
There is no substitute for patience.
With patience comes complacency.
With complacency comes a weakening.
With weakening I shall…..
With weakening
I shall break free
never fear 
I am always waiting here.
©June 2/19