Red Queen

No rest for the Wicked……
Tip toe through the blackness
eyes slitted
mouth pursed
stalking your pray
as I stalk you.
Stiletto in hand
you pierce for fun
calling forth evil
calling forth corruption
all with one intent…..
to cause
to cause
to rent free the curtain
allowing mocking
pale faces to peer through
maniacal grins sprayed red
ruby red
the color of dripping blood.
Fall to your knees
never beg me
for executioner I have become.
Off with your head
I scream
covered in scarlet gore.
Sadness is
I revel in this macabre charade
while the truth remains…..
I am no better than thee.
March 21/19
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Silent Insanity

Tee hee hee
can you hear me?
Scurrying through the walls 
of you mind
hiding behind your heart
bruising your soul……
hear me
see me 
feel me
know me…….
bleak and angry
filled with rage
desirous of death and mayhem
left with only this sick disease.
I do not know how to accompany
reach out
cry for help
so long have I been wrapped
within this white basket cotton
for safety 
which as always is out of reach
why a pauper of emotions
such as me
must live within this insanity?
Tee hee hee
can you hear me? 
I walk the halls of your mind
crying tears 
never captured 
a single laugh
ringing in your ears
held in tight embrace
never shall I leave you.
Tee hee hee
can you hear me?
Never will I leave your side.
March 18/19
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay