Queen of The Klutz’s

Who recalls how last month a cart tried to eat my left hand? Well my natural ability to trip over literally nothing asserted itself yesterday during my walk. And of course gravity did not suddenly cease to exist this halting my impending fall.

I was out having my walk. I decided that while on holidays for next week I would go for walks. Get out. Take pictures. Show people what my town looks like. Be neighborly to the people I passed with a good morning.

I followed a path of my own design not really having an end plan. Eventually I would arrive back home. I had gotten to the high school and checked my step counter to see where I was at. I still needed approx 4000 more steps and so was going to cross the street and head up to Main back to Reimer and home. I never made it.

I pressed the button for the crosswalk and was content to wait for the van to pass through when omg they stopped! I gave a little wave and crossed. In the center I looked to see if there was a button. There was not. I could see the black car and had more then enough time to cross.

I put one foot down. And then the other. And I knew. It was like slow motion. I knew I was going to hit the concrete. And I did.

My first thought was please do not let that car hit me. My second and by then I was, was to stand up. I finished crossing the road, threw my empty water bottle I to the garbage and was going to continue my walk. But it felt like my knee was bleeding so I decided to head for home.

Oh yeah and I also landed on my left hand. My ability to extend elbow fully is severely hampered now.

I cleaned with peroxide and iced everything. Stretched out on the couch and watched SpongeBob movie from 2020.

I am fully the Queen if Klutzes now ain’t no denying that.

Sept. 5/22

It Doesn’t Look So Bad

I have to imagine that icing my hand Monday had a lot to do with it not being super swollen and bruised. Also not using it certain ways helped top

Last night I am not sure why but each cat stepped on my hand. Oh wow! Then I was typing on laptop and again the ache was there. I can use my fingers to paint but not to write with a pen or type.

The side of my hand is still swollen a bit. And I have managed to knock it a couple of times. Only me. Yesterday K and me were texting and I said who hurts their hands as much as I do????

I did take my blood pressure yesterday and it was back to normal for me. That really made my day. 152/92 scared the heck out of me. Turns out pain can do that to you.

Aug. 10/22

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