Word of the Day Challenge #63-Untitled Poem

***Not indicative of how I am feeling now.***
pain settled deep
left to decide on my own
whether or not
I want to go on.
Look at me
Look at her 
(voices whisper in my ear)
Can you see the stain
ripe on my soul?
making me ache
with pain
with fear
with anger
that no one seems to care.
Locked deep within
taking care to stay
simmer below the line of consciousness
stray thoughts
bubbling to the surface
never mind my tears
as I provide solace to myself.
Claw marks upon my arms
I work to destroy the daemon within.
words run through my mind
a never ending cycle of remorse.
My pain
my anguish
my blackened rage
knowledge I now have
these are my weapons
watch out
I am coming to take my life back.
©Sept. 23/19
Picture via Pinterest


I knew what I wanted to be as a teenager, when I grew up. I knew it in Grade One when I wrote my first story.

I wanted to be a writer.

What I did not know than, there is no wanting to be a writer, it is who I am.

***I wrote this while I was writing a journal entry. I had goose bumps when I realized the validity of that statement.****

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