Liar Liar!

Yesterday when I came home for lunch they had blocked the road off and I had to detour through the parking lot of the businesses next to me. 🚧🚧🚧
Today when I came home for lunch I could not even get to the other parking lot to get to my parking lot. 🚧🚧👷👷👷
I had to stop and have a conversation with the construction dude.
Y’all remember the construction dude?
The one who told me I could not make a turn to go to my apartment and then when I waited at the light he let someone else through?
Yeah that dude.
Me: Am I able to get down there?
Dude: Where are you going? To the second drive? No you can’t get down that way.
Me: Ok. Um how long will this be going on?
Dude: Oh it will be done later this afternoon.
Me: Ok thank you otherwise I will find a different way home.
Dude: No it will be done.
Fast forward to me driving home.
I am irritated as it is and just want to get home and settle into me time.
At least I beat the traffic that would have made my trek a fifteen minute trip instead of the three and a half.
I get to my intersection and what do I see?
No way for me to get home.
Piles of sand.
And the Dude standing in the intersection.
As he walked towards my vehicle I looked at him and smiled. 😈😈😈
Me: Liar liar pants on fire!
Away I drove feeling much better whilst leaving him standing in the intersection staring after my car.
Oh yeah and as I yelled liar liar I was also shaking my finger at him.  ☝☝☝☝
©July 22/21
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Next Up…..ChoreTube

Last evening I messaged the ex to ask him if I could have T this upcoming Thursday.
Did not mention that it was due to me taking him for his first shot.
I mean he is not overly thrilled despite giving me permission so I was not about to wave it in front of his face.
T was concerned about his dad asking him what we were doing.
I pawshawed him as if.
Well guess who was wrong?
Not T.
T: Mom dad just messaged me to ask what we were doing
Me: Just tell him… you know what buddy just tell him to message me.
I was proud of me.
After dinner I was loading the dishes into the dishwasher when T wandered out looking for more food.
I explained to him yet again that when he was doing the dishes that meant that he was to also put the dishes that were in the sink into the dishwasher.
And he tells me again that he forgot.
Me: How could you forget?
T: Well I do.
Me: You do this every day. How is it that you could see an ad  for a video game coming out in 2022 and the day it releases you will remember but your daily chores seem to be an issue?
T (shrugging): Well I would be seeing ads about it all the time.
He walks off to his room.
When he was younger T wanted us to start a Youtube channel.
He figured that we could make a lot of money making videos.
We are hilarious was his thought surely the world would find us just as funny?
Me: Hey why don’t we do chore videos for The Youtube.
***I know it is not called that but it is so worth it for the looks
T (giving me that look): No mom. First it is not The Youtube it is just Youtube. And secondly no.
Me (giggling): Oh c’mon. When you were younger you wanted to have a Youtube channel with me.
T: Mom that was different. No one is going to watch you teach me to do chores.
Me (hanging onto the doorframe laughing): No? You don’t think that your friends would watch the channel?
T (voice dripping in sarcasm): Hey dude what does your friend do? He makes chore videos with his mom?
Me (tears forming as I am laughing): No? ChoreTube? You don’t think that that would be a hit?
T: Mom back away from the door.
Walked into the kitchen and stood there giggling.
And than the idea hit me.
What if we did create a platform called ChoreTube? Parents could subscribe and the kids had to watch and complete at least one chore a day.
And homework.
Once done they could have access to playing video games/watching t.v. etc.
I don’t quite know how it would work.
It is only in the beginning stages of development.
Also I have yet to get T on board.
I mean what teen wouldn’t want to acknowledge that their mom was the creator of ChoreTube and he was the inspiration?
It would work no?
©May 28/21
Picture is my own
Picture found via Pinterest
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