Homework has Changed

Mon, Wed and Friday this week are school days.
Tues and Thurs at home days with additional work to be done.
Tues I receive a text from T telling me that he:
a) does not understand the homework
b) cannot email his teacher as he did not have his Chromebook.
I wanted to know where the Chromebook was.
He had left it at home and I saw him leave without it.
Responded with he is a big boy and I am not responsible for ensuring he has what he needs.
I got back a grumpy I know but I can’t do this.
Told him that we would look at it when he arrived home.
As I was not working Wednesday I could stay up and help with the homework.
He arrives home and hauls out his red folder.
First up: Patterns (Math)
There is a pyramid with numbers in the bottom corners/blanks and one must figure out the numbers.
I admit I looked over it for about 30 seconds or so before my brain made the connection.
No matter what way I explained it T could not understand what I was doing.
Finally though I think that he understood.
Main problem he had: No one said it was math mom!
I chuckled a little and told him this was something we would have to work on.
Next Up: Root Words (ELA)
He was given roots i.e. graph/gram and had to find the words or the meaning.
I asked if he was suppose to be looking up the root meanings?
IDK is the most common line of response.
As we are going along he is beginning to understand.
Each answer must contain the ‘root’ word.
We get to -dict-
I cannot remember the first word but the meaning of the second word:
To say or command something forcefully.
First word to pop into my head: Edict
T looks at me as if I am making up words.
I told him that his teacher was going to know that I was helping him with his homework.
T laughed and said she should be able to figure out that I helped him with everything.
We did get through all 4 pages of work and were thrilled until T turned to the last page.
He was suppose to write a paper or something on the quote:
No one has the power to destroy your dreams unless you give it to them.
T says he disagrees but what did I think?
I said I agree.
He said so do I then.
I asked why?
He said I am just going to pretend that I did not see this page.
I could not fault him with that one.
It was 10:30 and I was not about to read and edit his work.
Told him he could do it in the morning.
Needless to say the paper did not get written yesterday a.m. before school.
Whether he has written it or not I am unsure.
I will have to assume I will either receive an email if he has not or he has done so and I can forget about it.
I am not sure about this additional task to add to my day.
I work 40 hours a week.
I am mom 24/7.
I am a chauffeur.
Chief Cook & Bottle Washer.
Maid service.
And now…..teacher.
One thing though as teacher I am not going to include learning on my own behalf.
If the ‘new’ math does not work for me I will be using ‘old’ math.
You know the one that was around for hundreds of years.
That no one had any issue with until-well-could someone please explain to me what the hell the point of new math is?
T does math in his head.
Like his mother.
Like his father.
We do not show our work with words.
We do show our work with numbers.
If the answer is the same who the heck cares how you got there as long as you got there.
Math is hard enough as it is why make it harder?
Have a totally awesome Thursday lovies.
©Nov. 19/20
Picture is my own

I will kill you!

Left work today and discovered that Tember had text me.
Wanted me to pick him up as it was a little chilly.
Definitely too cold for me to be walking to meet him.
According to him.
Granted I had been going to text him and ask if he wanted me to pick him up.
But I decided no I was going to go and grab a sweater to put on before heading off to meet him.
I messaged and told him I was on the way.
It was kind of nice no other parents picking up their children.
When I spot my child.
In shorts.
Without his jacket on.
When I left for work he was wearing sweats.
Oh yes I forgot to mention that Tember decided that he would walk to school today as he did not want to go to his dad’s before school.
As an experiment I would say it was a success.
For winter he is going to wear long johns and toque with mittens/gloves to walk.
When the temp gets down to -20 we will see.
Once home I made coffee and relaxed.
Decided Tember was going to do the dishes.
And the drama that ensued……..
You would have thought I was asking him to jump into a dumpster full of rotting fish heads.
Mom you know I cannot do the dishes. 
I don’t know how to make them clean.
They are always dirty you know that.
I can’t do this mom.
Of course you can do it.
How do you think that I learned to wash dishes?
Mom I am going to kill you.
What if there is a piece of mold and I miss it?
I always leave them dirty.
You are going to get sick.
Tember I am not stupid. 
Do you really think that I would put food on dirty plates?
I can see if it still has food on it.
But what if I don’t get all the germs off?
I am going to make you sick.
He is getting riled up.
I am sitting on the couch and not budging.
He is going to do the dishes.
Stomping around the kitchen.
He pulls lid from the cat food and tosses it.
Stomp. Stomp. Stomp.
Now I am full on done.
Tember you had better check that attitude right now.
You know that you are to use soap and water to wash the dishes.
I expect you to do them properly.
There was no more muttering.
There was no slamming of dishes.
He went off to his room.
Eventually I got up to make supper.
I put the dishes away.
Of all of them only one had to be rewashed.
The cat’s milk bowl.
Even I miss that.
Point in case I had to rewash the second one that I did as I missed some dried on milk.
After I was done I stuck my head into Tember’s room.
Hey buddy I wanted to say thank you.
You did a great job on the dishes.
Nice work.
Thank you mom.
Now I did think briefly of dropping to the floor and convulsing as though I had been poisoned.
But I figured Tember would not find it as funny as I did.
I am giggling thinking about it right now.
Have a terrific Thursday evening/Friday Morning loves.
Tember and I took new pics. As you can see we had a bit of fun.
©Oct. 1/20
Picture is my own
©Oct. 1/20
Picture is my own