Rescue (Picture Prompt #5)

I stand
feet stockinged
water lapping at my toes
as I try to stay above
to keep breathing
to keep living
because of
instead of
the pain that infects my heart
the screams resounding in my mind
ripped silently from my mouth.
Standing a top a crooked table
upon a crooked chair
upon a crooked stack
ready to tumble
ready to break
should I move
step forward
step away.
I long to reach out
to trace my fingers over your lips
to feel them caress my own
to stare into liquid chocolate
to taste the sweetness that we were
that I long for us to be again.
You swore
you promised
you vowed
you were on the level
so why did you rip my heart apart?
Deep within the woods
swamp sucking
I stand awaiting
noose at my neck
will you save me
or will I save myself?
April 8/19
Picture prompt via John @ The Eclectic Contrarian
Word of the Day Via Word of the Day Challenge