Who’s Your MacGyver?

For some this is only a skit on SNL.
For others it is a lifestyle.
For Tember and me?
Just being lazy.
We live in an apartment.
Something breaks or goes wrong…..call and it gets fixed.
But what if you are too lazy to call?
For no other reason than you literally are too lazy to call?
What do you do?
You MacGyver it.
Not long ago the chain connecting the handle to the rubber plugger thingie in the toilet broke.
And I called the landlord.
I mean it happened on a Saturday.
I had no paper clips and was not feeling so super hot so brain was working at nigh on 0 capacity.
Workman comes out and takes a look during the week.
Returns later with a handle and proceeds to fix the toilet.
Wohoo I can now flush without having to take the lid off the tank.
I am happy.
Happy until…..
Middle of the night and I go into the bathroom.
Half asleep.
I mean who fully wakes up to pee in the middle of the night?
Yawn and go to shuffle away when I realize the handle is just floppy flop…….
2 a.m. not fixing the damn thing.
Next morning dig out the paper clip and fix it myself.
And than Covid 19 hit.
Still using paper clip fix.
When Tember and me first moved it I had issues with the dryer knob.
New to the rental scene and living alone for the first time I did not want to be a bother.
So I used clamps until they broke.
It was sad.
Finally I broke and called. Said I could replace myself why bother the workman?
It is only a knob.
Was a bit hard to get on but I did.
Lasted a year.
A little less before it split and was useless.
This time allowed workman to come out and replace.
Soooooooooo…….it turns out there is a metal coupling which came out of old one and well I did not realize and could not figure out why it was not sitting right. Give me a break it was my first time doing this……I was proud I made the attempt.
Fast forward and now we are in same boat.
The knob has split along seam and we need a new one.
I have yet to call.
We had a few coolish nights so Tember was freezing in the morning.
He wanted to heat up his blanket.
I went to work and left him to it.
When I came home he informed me that he had discovered a great way to fix the knob.
Our salad forks have a notch that when fit over the post was a perfect match and you can turn the dryer on.
Another call avoided.
You might think that this is ridiculous.
And I agree that it is.
However on the other hand Tember is having to critically think.
He had to realize the problem.
He wanted his blanket warm. The knob fell off. How to fix?
He looked at and was able to conceptualize the fix.
He grabbed the salad fork and slid it over the post.
This boy was so proud of himself.
Originally and to an extent it still is a satirical post.
Making fun of myself.
It was not until I got to the above paragraph that I realized what I had done.
While not intentional once more I have taught Tember another life lesson.
Go Me!!!!!
We will all just pretend that it was intentional shall we?
Should anyone ask.
May 21/20
Pictures are my own
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