Lights, Light,Light!

For months now I have been eyeballing this lamp every time I have seen it at Wal-mart. I love the style. The elegance. The 3 shelves.

It came in pieces and T and me put it together. We were both left handed trying to thread everything and screw it together but prevailed we did.

Not only that but omg I have light. So much difference when one is no longer peering or squinting. I sent a pic to K showing the light on lowest setting. It is bright as you can see.

Lowest setting

To say I am pleased as punch is an understatement.

And now I can see everything!

Adulting Ain’t Easy

This morning I woke at 5. Yup. No reason for it other than my body decided that now was the time to arise.

As I sat here going over the list of places that I had to stop at, I realized the last store did not open until 10. I shifted my time for leaving so that I was getting to the pet store now shortly after they opened at 9. By the time I finished everything it was 11 when I got home.

And to make things even better was that I spent less money at each place I stopped at. Although the only reason it was less at the pet store was because they did not have enough pate style food.

After getting home and putting the groceries away I began the rest of the laundry.

T put the chicken pot pie in the oven and I cleaned all 4 of the litter boxes. Swept and vacuumed the cat area.

I have one last load of laundry to dry as the other load has now finished its drying cycle.

Oh and I paid bills today too.

Jan. 6/22

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