How Can I Be Silent?

601 US school shootings from 1884-2016.
19 Canadian school shootings for same time period.
Originally I was just looking up Canadian school shootings but then my curiosity got the best of me.
I know I am suppose to be on a news break but children…..
Every time I read about an act of violence against children my heart is shredded.
There are no words.
I have never lost a child to violence so I can only imagine the grief, fear, pain that will become a constant parental companion.
But I am an empath.
And I am a writer with an imagination.
I will never know the devastation of losing a child through violence and in all the I hold dear I pray that I and anyone I know never does.
We can never understand the unending abyss of pain that will ebb but be the silent pulse in time with their heartbeat.
We can never understand the desire to end it so we can once more hold our child within our arms.
We can never understand.
I wonder too what more could have been done to stop an individual who made it clear on social media that this exact type of situation was brewing?
That the children should beware.
What more could have been done?
Where were the individuals policing social media?
Where were the powers that be when this individual announced on social media that he had purchased not one but two assault rifles?
What more could have been done?
Today 19 parents are in mourning.
Politicians offer prayers.
They begin to lace up their gloves for a political boxing match.
This will once more not be about the death of these children.
This will not be about the failure of mental health issues being ignored.
This will not be about the failure of a school system that helped to create this individual.
This will become another tragedy upon which coattails will be ridden.
Please tell me:
When does it become enough?
How many children is too many before things stop?
These children have become caught in a deadly war that is home brewed.
And no one is wanting to take responsibility.
My heart goes out to all parents who have lost a child to violence.
My tears fall and my soul aches.
I wish I had a magic wand.
I wish I could turn back time.
I wish those who could make a difference would make a difference.
But they will not.
©May 25/22
Picture via Pexels Free Picture

Ballad of Sorrow

feel it
I do
can you?
Chasm deep
one side me
one side you
seems so simple
build a bridge
cross together
needed to salve
broken spirit
needed to prove
love reality
for one never loved
only owned
an extension of other
never seen
never validated
Papered cracks
velvet wrapped
wide river
roiling in rapids
safety net
hanging on with whitened knuckles
bleeding fingers
while struggling to make you see…..
Vast expanse
ice made
how to cross
fire no longer scorches
fear laced tongue
laced to smiling lips
will bent
will extended
losing self
to make another happy…..
Words dance
tuneless in the air
mouths moving
no one listening
fast dividing
I see you
on the floe
facing away
unable to dance over moving water
leaving me behind
see you not
the pain
the need
the want
fed by
paralyzing fear
reality of life
falling down the rabbit hole
has it come to this?
broken whispers
stars reflected
never freely given…..
chained behind iron
given to you
with gritted teeth
for I know
simple as
one day
you will leave.
©Nov. 20/20
Picture via Pinterest
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