Used Up Miracles

The other morning when I was reading on the meaning of one of my Isis Oracle cards I got to the bottom and it says ‘you can expect miracles.’

For some reason my Light Seeker tarot cards wanted a handling. The first three cards were a little wonky and the fourth was The Star.

I opened up my trusty little book and read the meaning. At the end of the meaning it says ‘I can expect miracles.’

I mentioned this to some co-workers who insisted I join the work lottery pool because maybe my miracle will be to win the lottery. They were of course joking but I did join in.

Thursday, after settling down and with K’s help flipping the script in my head so I was no longer dwelling. Not that what happened was a positive however we all came out of it alive. And I realized I had a blog post.

It dawned on me though, that I have used up any and all miracles that I have been allotted in this lifetime. And quite possibly the next. When I told K she said that that was the best time to have used them.

So alas, my co-workers and I must continue to work.

Merry Christmas.

Dec. 25/22

Winning Ticket?

Walking to the car this morning and my stomach gives a weird butterfly volt. I always associate it with good things. There is a bad ominous feeling I occasionally get but that has no bearing here.

I hope into the car and leave for work. As I pull into the gas station so I can turn to go to work my lottery tickets come fluttering down from the sun visor. I have kept many a ticket up there and it has never fallen before.

I arrived to work either early and set off a few good mornings and to K my boss aside see you at 2. Today is Tuesday. She closes.

Note the date on top of the ticket. Note I sent K a text entering to her close. Knowing it is Tuesday.

I stop at the lotto machine and check it. After flashing for in inordinately long time(to me) it read Please Try Later. Now I am getting excited. I go around and put my ticket down. With great dramatics I tell my story and end with:

I want you to check my ticket!

Very Emperioulous if I do say so myself.

Only to have the CS person say to me:

Jay the ticket is for tonight.


Oct. 3/22

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