The Tide Is Out

Little by little
Piece by piece
You tear away
The moors beneath my feet.
Stand upon a pier
Air heavy with moisture
Are these tears upon my cheeks?
Or vapor lingering like a mask
Controlling my thoughts
Controlling my desires
Controlling me.
I feel boxed in
Jailed without bars to hold me
My prison
A drafty place
Created within
Waiting for me to walk away
For the key to become apparent
I know it is hidden
Somewhere in the recess of my mind
I am unable to find it
Unable to follow the yellow brick road
For it does not lead to safety
But to a cavern of inequity and sin.
I have become lost
There seems to be no path back
To life
To dreams
To love.
Upon this pier I stand
Rocking gently with the waves
One step forward
Down I fall
Into the rabbit hole
Never to return home.

©April 3/23

The Litte Things

I bought my tulips last Friday. Repotted them on Saturday or Sunday. They began to unfurl more after I put in pot. And today, they are opening. Aren’t they gorgeous? And I looked it up they can be container potted, I just need to force ‘winter’ on them. Either in cold storage or the fridge.

Who knows. My vines weren’t suppose to last the winter either and yet I have a new cutting begun and flourishing for my Sweet Potato Vine. My other vine will need cutting back and repotting in smaller container. Also need a better trellis support for it.

The dried up one is my lavender bush that went dormant over winter. Hoping that it will make a come back. I have been harvesting pieces the have broken off and put into jar. Who knows what things I may be able to concoct with it.

I also have my Lime Cypress but am not sure what it is doing. They require a lot of water and sunlight. I keep hoping that it is going to come back to me but at the moment is very annoyed with me.

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