Mainstream Madness

Hickory Dickory Dock.
Follow the White Rabbit.
Three Blind Mice.
There was an Old Woman.
Baa Baa Black sheep.
‘Round and round
flitting in and out of remembrance
pink and white bedroom
curtains hang in tatters
dust falls from canopy above
spider webs cling
from bed post to bed post
as though
they have taken it for their own.
own mind is calling the pain
reveling in hurts gone by
poison flowing through the veins
forgetting me they have
never knowing the truth of the matter
the heart of the secret
the one they all yearn to know.
trying to miss the creaky step
crawling along molded carpet
drool dripping
from slitted lips
deranged smile
all I wear
as I search for you
knowing you are near.
Haunting my memories
your slithering voice
wending in and out of lucidity
hands grasping
screaming that you will not have me.
laying on my bed
for you did kill me
not outright
but you broke me
forcing me to live like this
whims of others
no peace
no security
only fear
only terror
as still
you stalk me
reminding me always
I will never be free;
you hold the golden chain
forever tethered to your soul.
©Nov. 14/22
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60 Seconds of Madness

stood in the bathtub
head back
shower pulsing
rain drops glide over skin.
Eyes closed
counting to 60
for that deep clean.
Scenes before
dance in my mind
flying through the air
hands slowly
tick tock
tick tock
while above
the Mad Hatter stands
pouring rum
spitting over the rim
flooding the saucer
rum fountain
the man with the fat face
he gambles
while head back
darkened stain
slides across across the shadows
a taint unseen.
Time up
head under water
60 second done
what magic
what fun.
©Oct. 9/21
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