Magic She Says

My wall. Shifted during the winter. First time in 6 years that this has ever happened. But come spring it will shift back and it will not be as noticable.

Those are not my words at the end. But they were said to me.

A close up of the wall.
It goes from bottom to top.

I now understand why Loki has been sitting crying at the corner. Looked at the other wall and sure enough it too is pulling apart. Will wait and see what happens with the spring shift.

March 11/22

Day…..After Day

High above
stars paint the sky
dead pricks of light
incapable of producing wish fulfillment
no matter how much one hopes.
Fingers crossed
toes too
luck must come to me…..
I never broke a mirror.
I never walked beneath a ladder.
I found a four leaf clover.
I loath to give up
to admit to defeat
that reality is the truth
there is no wonder left to discover.
No dancing under the waves.
No dancing above the clouds.
empty life
after day…..
after day.
Skies once colored rose and gold
a world full of joy
of beauty
I danced then
I spun dreams
wanting the fairy tale ending.
Grey dust
empty husk
after day…..
after day…..
til death do me part.
©June 10/19
Picture via Pinterest
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