deep rooted anguish
for you no longer care.
Words are spoken
gestures are made
once actions were louder
but silence is even louder
letting me know
exactly where I stand.
You made me so happy.
You made my heart sing.
You made me cry a million times
telling me it was for my own good….
Your letting go
your saying good bye
for how else can I go forward
if I am still clinging to broken dreams?
where light once did reside
there is no welcoming reprieve
pain ebbs and flows
never really gone
lesser for awhile.
I can write so many love poems
I can write so many lyrical words
I can write……
I can destroy…..
I can maim you on paper…..
I can kill you with my pen…..
What I can not do
is kill
the feelings within.
©Jan 22/20
Picture via Pinterest

Your Fool

I feel the fool
as I sit here
tears seeping from my eyes
at the pain I feel
even though we are so far apart.
A part of my day
a love that I have
I told myself I was the one.
I thought
I do not know what I thought
I should have known
romance does not play out
I am the one
left sitting on the curb
wondering what went wrong.
I saw you accidentally
on a night you told me you were busy
I had gone out with some friends.
They tried to shield me
as they have before
but I saw you
I saw her in your arms
held tight
as you did with me last night.
Am I but a conquest?
Someone who you needed to control
to make your own
until satisfied
you rode on to the next one.
I told you
when you said I love you
I wanted none of that
I am too old
to play these teenage games.
I wish you farewell
for my heart is breaking in two
and if you stay near me
I will always be your fool.

©Sept. 30/19
Picture is one of my own taken Matlock Beach

Sweet Dreams

Candle light
rose petals on the bed
a new seduction
hunger in your eyes.
Raw power
pheromones rich in the air
wicked smile
dances across my lips.
Come together
souls gathered
fingers touch
soft against skin
draws slow designs
trembling with longing
you push me back.
building of heat
bodies sealed together.
Passion searing
mouths come together
your name roared
with tonight’s desire
two once more.

©Sept. 29/19
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to public
to reality
to images
is something remiss?
I am not who I seem.
I am not who I play.
I am a woman.
I am a toy.
I am……
Cradle my head
hold my soul
care for me
while I long for
it all.
weak I am not
giving up my faith
my trust
my everything
to give you control
to allow you in
to let you lead…..
something most do not understand.
I desire
on structure
for I would care not for self
if you did not insist.
I am worthless
unless I am in your eyes.
I am crying
unless I am in your arms.
I am dying
oh please
keep me safe
hold the monsters at bay
while I sleep.
©July 4/19
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Untitled Love Poem #1

desert bowl
sand in the air
rain has been a long time coming.
Cornrows bow their laden heads
beneath the summer sun.
torrents falling
awakening parched soil
creating an oasis.
it has broken
everyone looks to the heavens and prays.
Violent boom
bolts of lightening
rage across the sky.
a taste on the tongue
two bodies becoming one.
entwined in each other
into her ear
he whispers
‘I have missed you
my love.’
Gentle smile
pull him closer
lifting her hips
they lose themselves
lips meeting
soft sighs.
They come together
two who are one
made whole
neither wanting to part again.
Nov. 10/18

Perfect Man

He seemed to be the perfect man
holding doors
ordering wine with care
dinners out in high end places
a life she could never afford.
She ignored the warnings
the tides
the signs
believing that her prince had come
while her friends watched in fear.
Becoming lost in him
losing her way
her soul
her very being
until she was no more.
Sucked dry
eroding away
her life force.
Beside her
restored to youth
a man who only takes
never giving in return.
Oct. 6/18
Photo by Daniel Apodaca on Unsplash

Howling at the Moon

Last night
wrapped within the warmth of your arms
forgetting that there were others around
my moans became a wailing tune
as you made me howl to the moon.
Twisting and turning
sheets entangled with legs
mouths reaching
senses bleeding
as we became one.
our moans filled the house
forgetting how thin the walls can be
let’s just say
this morning with red face
I felt so awkward
as everyone pretended they had heard nothing.
Photo by Matthew Kane on Unsplash