Husbands can’t Shop 2

This one is not really about a poor husband being sent to shop.

This one is about a Karen before Karens were even a thing in the Customer Service. Before the memes started. When Karen was just an innocent name that would become besmirched and synonymous with white, entitled, thirty-something women. Now a days age is not a factor, everyone can be a Karen.

We are going back like at least 8-9 years ago.

I remember that it was summer. Although that would have stuck anyway as you are soon to find out.

The phone rang and as I was standing right there I answered it. I will never regret answering this phone call because it gave me great satisfaction to say no. And sweeter when I had to explain the whys of the no.

Me: Good evening thank you for calling…..Jay-lyn speaking how may I help you.

C: Yes I would like to speak to the manager.

Me: Any specific manager? Each department has their own.

C: Are you a manager?

Me: Not a manager I am the supervisor on this evening.

C: I was in your store yesterday.

Me: Uh-huh

C: And I spent a lot of money.

Me: Ok.

C: I came home and after unpacking everything I could not find my sandwich meat.

Me: Oh? There was no note left, did you call yesterday?

C: No I did not. What happened was I went out and found the sandwich meat underneath my stroller. It was in there all night and is ruined now. Spoiled, and my vehicle smells.

Me: And?

C: Well are you going to replace the meat or not?

Me: You left the sandwich meat in the car all night because you had put it under the stroller and you want us to replace the meat?

C: Yes. I paid good money for it.

Me (wanting to say): What is wrong with you?

Me (saying): Hold please.

I ran upstairs to talk to the manager that was on. Even offered to let him take the phone call but he turned me down flat on that one. Between the two of us we came up with the same decision. We were not going to replace the meat for this customer. It was not anything that we had done on our end. And everything to do with her.

Me: Thank you for holding. I have spoken with the manager and I am very sorry but we cannot replace the meat for you.

C (angrily): And why not? I spent all that money there.

Me (in my head): Are you really this fucking stupid?

Me (saying): Ma’am, if there had been a problem with the meat when you got it home we would replace it. That is a quality issue. However, you left the meat out in the vehicle overnight, that is not an issue that can be addressed here at the store.

C: So you are not going to replace my sandwich meat for me?

Me: No we are not.


Me: Hello?


Me: Um…..

C: Good bye.

I cannot make this stuff up.

Not even if I tried.

Aug. 23/22

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