Deep Dark Forest

Yesterday T and me went to Birds Hill Park. I had not been since I was like 12 or so and T had never been. We left home around noon and got to the park at 1ish.

Of course driving in I notice the sign cautioning us because rhe bears were awake. The one thing that became a constant theme to our walk.

The north wind was strong and really only affected our walk heading back to the car a mere moment or so of discomfort. At this time I was in desperate need of bathroom when we found them.

There were two sets. Modern. And Non-Modern. Okay so the ‘modern’ one did not read that way but the doors were locked so I could not really attest to how modern those facilities were.

Which lead us to the Non-Modern toilets. Which are holes in the ground. Toilet perched over top. The type you hover over because some monster made of waste is going to try to poke your bum.

Or is that just me?

When we first began our walk we talked about bears and my fear of attack. Which of course became our running joke.

Was T sure there were no bears around? We were not going down mud pathways. And then we rounded the bend and suddenly ahead of us the road darkened. The Deep Dark Woods (must hear a deep baritone when you read The Deep Dark Woods) were making an appearance.

Now I most definitely did not want to proceed especially when T said that for sure there would be bears.

As we neared the trees a hush fell over the air, over us. We crept forward slowly and T whispered that the only thing that could make it creepier was if we came upon a cross burning.

We walked in and the light dappled through the trees instantly breaking the spell of The Deep Dark Woods that T and me had magically found our way to.

We had such a fun time. We both have same dark sense of humor and find the idea of spooking other funny.

We saw this couple ahead of us and I said to T that if they said hello we should act surprised. Ask them if they really can see us as everyone else along the path was ignoring us. We thought maybe we were ghosts. Or was it possible that they too were dead and did not know it?

We laughed and laughed at that. Obviously did not do it for reasons most people would understand. These people were total strangers who had no way of knowing we were having them on. And well gotta admit it would be damn creepy to have someone do that to you on the middle of The Deep Dark Forest.

We had such a great time yesterday. And will be doing it again. Not sure if we are going back to Birds Hill or somewhere else, possibly Oak Hammock Marsh. I went when I was like 9 or 10 and T never.

This is going to be the Summer of Adventure.

Me singing: We’re going on an adventure, an adventure. Today we are going on an adventure and it will be so much fun.

T: Mom you’re so silly. 😊

The Deep Dark Woods

My Hero

As everyone knows T and me have a different relationship. We are open, some might say too open, with one another but I would not have it any other way. I made a comment yesterday about having bought some fabulous new bras, T was like mom, I don’t need to know that.

Me, I told him that my whole goal was so he did not cringe or get embarrassed when discussing female items of clothing, female aspects, etc. I have been informed that at this stage in the game no one discusses anything so I am safe there. But really, take away the mystery and everything becomes mundane and unexciting.

Thursday evening when he got home from his dad’s, he had been working there after school all week, I was already in bed. Just drifting off to sleep. I propped myself up and we chatted a bit before I dropped the bombshell on him.

I got my boobs squished today.

There was a moment of silence and then I hear rather softly:

Pardon me?

I got my boobs squished. Remember how I was on a cancellation list for a mammogram? Well there was a cancellation and I was able to get in today.

Oh, okay for a minute there I was wondering whose ass I was going to have to kick.

My son, my hero.

It seems that the roles are beginning to reverse.

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