Bloated Morality

Table of gold
inlaid jewels
set with ignorance
set with entitlement
set with rampant disregard
for anything that impedes
the belief held
the superiority felt
enter the conclave.
Come one
come all
insinuate self
introduce sin
into the kingdom of god.
Succulent dreams
likes of which
never seen
forever shrouded
mist of needs.
atop the high horse
fall will come
no more hiding
no more denying
fall from grace
fall from……
Spread before the altar
tales told
inanities muttered
performed on roof tops.
(Too little.
Too late.
Broken trust.
Broken faith.)
forever quoted.
epitome of truth.
Judged nevermore
at the golden gates.
©June 6/19
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Moral Bankruptcy

***The 2nd of two poems submitted and rejected by The New Yorker. ****
When demons do fight
with knives and chains
looking to eat the masses.
Talons crooked
deep within the chest
attached to the godly soul
draining it of emotion.
The pain and despair
candy upon their lips
as they feed upon those
who litter the entryway to hell.
All who have claimed thy kingdom come
wake within sulfuric pits
burning within
burning without
paying for their sins.
It was hard to fathom
a great shock
gasps of alarm
upon awakening at Satan’s gate.
Voices wailed
decrying their goodness
their godliness
they did all they could to be true to the Lord’s word.
They trod on the rights of women.
They stamped down the rights of the LGBT.
They dismissed children whose voices
calling them all assholes.
Cleansed the land of all those not alike.
But that was what we were taught
upon the knees of our fathers
and grandfathers.
There must be a mistake.
No mistakes here
only men who will now muster
confederates to their crimes
and they shall try to seize the demons place
only to discover there is another bottom to hell.
March 18/18
Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash