I never disappoint

Day one of my holidays and I am awake at 4 a.m.
In part I had to pee but there was a small part of me that was awake.
I managed to go back to sleep until 5 a.m.
Debated and finally arose when I realized I can take a nap whenever I want to.
Yesterday was an exciting day in the Doerksen household.
I received several packages and was so delighted.
Carted everything into the apartment.
Cat food and cat litter.
Packages from the car.
Amazon box from in front of the door.
Move everything down and into the kitchen.
I begin to put away the groceries.
When I remember the clothes in the dryer and go run it another ten minutes to shake out any wrinkles that had settled.
Clothes in washer.
Oh yeah more laundry.
Start the load.
Back into the kitchen.
What was I doing?
Oh yeah……
Wait where is the other bag?
I had…..
oh yeah there it is.
Rinse cycle needs fabric softener.
Clothes on bed catches my eye.
Wander in and begin to fold.
Back out to kitchen I had been doing something else.
Opening my packages.
  1. New water bowl for cats.
  2. Went to set it up and was a little put out.
  3. Why can’t instructions be simple?
  4. And why do I always lose a critical piece only to have it right in front of me the whole time.wp-16215996553776855384702810910964.jpg
  5. Blanket for T for his 13th birthday. To remind him I love him even when I want to throttle him during his teenage years.wp-16216003813741490319201160065098.jpg
  6. Clothing I had ordered for myself.wp-16216004636457746146147750852551.jpg
I am going to admit that I am impressed with the quality of both the blanket and the clothing.
All of which refer to a Virgo girl in one way or another.
And describe some of my traits.
I returned to wandering back and forth from task to task to task.
Which took a lot longer than necessary due to my losing focus on what I was doing.
Discovered that T has way more clothing than I do.
It went on like this for four and a half hours.
It was 2-2:30ish when I finally sat down.
I have not done the bathroom or floors as in mopping and sweeping yet but I have given myself permission to let it be.
I believe around one or so I had messaged a friend and said okay I am going to sit down now.
Remembered I had to do the litter boxes and went into scoop.
Came out to ‘no you aren’t’.
And laughing faces.
Someone knows me well
Despite the fact that my weekend plans have been shot to shit thanks to imbeciles in my province (ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha-total inside joke of my own.) I also now have four days to myself.
The ex decided to take last night off instead of Monday.
Which meant T did not come home last night.
This is a bit of an anomaly.
As in the last time I had this many days alone…..
T then messaged me and asked if he could stay home.
As in at his dad’s today.
I am sitting here having finished all my tasks today by 8:45 am. about to read and watch some more The Boys on Amazon.
Pretty dark and quite interesting.
Oh and I broke an Amazon CS bot or person.
Whichever it was.
But that my friends is a story for another day.
©May 21/21
Pictures are my own

Stuck in the Middle

Gosh darn it all I have gone and put T in the middle.
When you are a child of divorce and you yourself are separated with a child you want to be aware of the situations you were put in and avoid those with your own child(ren).
Well I hate to say it but I put T square in the middle of the vaccine debate between his dad and I.
And I have to learn to keep my big fat mouth shut with regards to his father around him.
Last evening when T got dropped off he went off on me.
Not off yelling and screaming but he let me know.
‘Even if you get the shot you can still get the virus mom.’
‘Yes T in the first 14 days you are right you can still pick up the virus. It will not make you ill but you will be a carrier. Meaning you could give it to your father without knowing it.’
‘Do you not want the vaccine?’
‘Yeah I don’t care.’
‘Do you or do you not want the vaccine? If you do not want it I will cancel your appointment right now.’ (you parents heard it)
‘No I want to be vaccinated.’
T is torn between a rock and a hard place.
Here is mom who has always looked after him and done the best whereas his father his filling his head with nonsense.  (I know folks I am working on the tone)
This is a man who use to be so science and fact based that he believed in nothing if it could not be proven.
I messaged the ex last night and asked him if he would like to come in and discuss the vaccine when he dropped T off.
I got back ‘if I have time.’
I have been reminding myself over and over and over that I will listen.
I will not react without first thinking through my answer.
I will bite my tongue.
I will let him get everything out in the open.
If he has time.
If not well I tried at least.
©May 18/21
Picture is my own